Beauty Secrets Part I

14 Apr

Okay Okay my post title lies. a little white lie never hurt anyone, right?  They are certainly NOT secrets by any means, but I thought I would share what I use to get ready in the morning {body care, skin care, and hair care}. I always loveeeee reading blogs and seeing what other ladies are using and what they love about the products–I have bought a few items off of blog reviews and I thought this would be a great way to pay it forward.

First off let me tell you a little bit about my body {besides that it is smokin’ hot..HAHA!}. No for serious,  in order for you to know/think that the products may be something that you want to try you need to know a little bit about my skin and hair to make a good purchase.  So lets start from head to toe! My hair is brunette and can become very very dry and it is also very thick, plus a little bit of a wave.  When I blow dry my hair it goes pretty straight on it’s own with the flat iron really just smoothing it out so very very little wave.  So you you ladies who have super fine, super curly or super oily hair these products may not work for you.  As for my skin it is on the dry side as well and areas that I may get pimples is the chin area.  My skin type is fair {can burn, but usually can tan}.  Similiar to my face my body can be dry and so extra moisterizer is a must to keep the flakes away.  And if you haven’t guessed my feet can be dry and brittle as well and so with the wear and tear of shoes they need a little bit more TLC than other parts of my body.  So that should help with determining if any of these products will be great for you!

I am going to break this down into two parts. Part I will be body/hair care and Part II {the fun part!} is skin care/makeup.


Okay so in the shower here are the products I use for body/hair care…

This product I use on a daily basis to keep moisture in my hair and to heal my ends



I use this shampoo either once or sometimes twice a week depending on how dry my hair feels. 

It takes away the residue from my normal shampoo conditioner. My hair feels squeky clean after using this!


I ran out of my SOMA conditioner that I was using and decided to try DOVE daily moisturizer conditioner and I truly love their conditioner. 

 Keeps my hair shiny and not dull from the dryness.

{any drug store/grocery store}

Product Image Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair - 6.8 oz.

A new product that I have been using every other time that I wash my hair and although a bit pricey it has been worth every single penny! I have gotten rave reviews on how healthy and shiny my hair has been.  Thank you Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair! They actually have one for fine hair as well, but never have used it.


**Dry Hair Tip: Do not wash your hair every day because the natural oils in your hair will help to heal and moisturize your hair.  It will give you less damage with having to blow dry/flat iron as well and it will not strip away the natural oils as frequently.  Also end your shower with a cold {doesn’t need to be ice} to lock in the cuticles at the end of your hair to keep in the moisture you just put in with your conditioner.  Makes the hair shinier and softer! Also letting your hair air dry helps with keeping in the moisture so that the hair dryer doesn’t need to be on as well.  At the end put a burst of cool air on your hair to close the cuticles up again after they were opened with the heat.

I don’t really like to come out of the shower smelling like flowers or a strong fruit and so the Dove Nectarine and White Ginger is enough to make me feel clean without a heavy scent. 

{any drug store/grocery store}


I use this SOMA leave in conditioner mostly in the summer when I am swimming or at the beach.  I normally put it in during my morning routine, but also after I have been in a pool, beach, lake etc.  It really helps with adding moisture to my hair and not having it be brittle.  During the winter I use it occasionally if I have over done it with the hair dryer or flat iron. 


Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for All Hair Types

This has been on all the beauty blogs and a HUGE rave.  I can’t tell if it is the new conditioner or the the Morrocan Oil that is making my hair more silky smooth but I am really loving how healthy my hair is feeling after I even blow dry and straighten my hair.  I use it when my hair is damp and a little goes a long way.  The bottles come in a small enough size for you to be able to test it out without it costing a fortune


 Noxzema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser 5 fl oz (147 ml)

I don’t like to use anything harsh I my face especially as my daily face wash.  I have been using Noxema Triple Clean for a few months and have seen less breakouts and smoother skin so I am sticking with this regimen until my face tells me other wise.  This was the first face wash I have ever used {original Noxema} and many moons and many face washes  later I have come back to good old Noxema.  go figure

{any drug store/grocery store}


Clear Improvement®

This I use very very rarely because it is very potent and with my skin being dry it could make it flaky if I used it on a regular basis.  I use this product when I feel my face feels “ugly” as in it feels unclean or after I have used more makeup than usual, or a bad case of acne that month.  It really cleans the pores and within days my skin is feeling brighter again, less redness, and acne is normally gone within a day or two after using the product.  It is a great item to have around the house and I probably use it once every 3 months. 



Drink Up®

When I don’t have the money or time for a “real” facial I will slap this on either morning or night for a refreshing facial.  I actually want to thank origins for helping me with facial products.  I was always using harsh exfoliants and items with harsh beads in them because I thought the rougher the cream the better it was to get rid of dirt and grim.  Well for my dry skin that is a HUGE no no and it just dries out the skin even more and actually harms my skin rather than helping it. Thank you origin employee! I now use Drink Up by Origins and my face is much smoother, richer and it still gets rid of dirt and grim.  I use this product about once a week and if I am feeling extra dry twice a week. 



**Dry Skin Tip: Put a hot wash cloth or hot water to begin your face wash regimen.  It will open up your pores and so more of the facewash will be able to get in deeper.  Once you have completed washing your face splash some cold water {doesn’t need to be ice} to close up the pores and to keep the moisture from the face wash in for longer.  It is similiar as in the hair that the cold water quickly closes the pores and also makes them smaller and less noticeable on your face. Plus it helps to wake you up in the morning!

This is what I have used for the last year as a body lotion because when I moved I had to get rid of most of my lotions because they couldn’t travel and so I told myself I would use up the lotions I had before I purchased a new one.  I can’t wait for it to be all used up {so close} because although I really love the smell and feel of the lotion it is really strong smelling for a daily lotion.  I am in the hunt for a new easier on the nose lotion for my next purchase…any suggestion for dry, flaky skin would be UBER helpful!!


**Dry Leg Tip: If you always have dry legs even after you lotion this may be the cure! I have been shaving my legs about every other day {even in the winter} and then putting lotion on them every day for the past 3 months and what a difference.  It does take a bit more time in your daily routine but I have notice that my legs do not get flaky almost ever, the lotion stays on longer, smoother and I have less stuble at the end of the day.  In the summer I hated my dry legs and now that I have put in the time and effort during the winter months my legs will be smooth and ready for summer {but probably still white!}


Any other advice for ladies with dry hair, dry face, or dry body? Any other beauty tips you would like to share? Spill the beans…you know you wanna!

Stay tuned for Part II with skin care/makeup routine….


2 Responses to “Beauty Secrets Part I”

  1. Nicole April 15, 2010 at 6:42 am #

    Hey, thanks for the awesome post! I’m always looking into better beauty products but hate spending the money on things I don’t like. It’s nice to see what you like to use!!


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