I am so savvy…look at me

15 Apr

So here I am at a “meeting” aka mani/pedi with my co-worker. I have been working like a maniac so this is some TLC I needed. I almost fell asleep! My feet feel amazzzinggg but it is so chilly in here I might have gotten frostbite! now I have ice cold air to dry my fingernails…ummm can I have another one of those hot towels?? I’m just saying..,

but gosh I disgress…once again. be thankful you are not in my mind because that paragraph above was the condensed version! hahaha

but I digress…AGAIN.

anyways, this is my first post using my iPhone and I am UBER excited to see if I am as savvy as I may think I am on the interwebs. probably not. haha.

oh even though my feet and hands may fall off from hypothermia the nail salon had fish to entertain us!!

what is so entertaining about fish?

ummm pretty exciting when they are tattooed kinda fish with a heart on one side and the word love on the other side. no lie. I can’t make this stuff up!

and just for my blog readers I just had to take a picture just in case you thought I was one of my other white lies…

{bonus picture of the fire on the patio of my building this morning. nope I really reaally can’t make this stuff up fo sho!}

soooo what do you think?? savvy on iPhone or stick with real computer blogging!!??? hahaha


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