Thank You Commonwealth of Massachusetts

19 Apr

Dear Commonwealth of Massachusetts,

If I didn’t love you because of your wicked awesome baseball team then I love you now. Thank you for Patriot’s Day {aka Marathon Monday}. Contrary to popular belief by college students this is not a day to honor Tom Brady, or a day off to watch the Boston Marathon. This is the day we can all take the entire day and remember the oh so important and special  anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  A holiday that I get paid to have off.  A holiday that grants me a 3 day weekend during one of the toughest working months at my job. A holiday that is only celebrated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Maine, and in public schools in Wisconsin.

Because of you I am able to catch up on sleep, watch a bit of the Boston Marathon on TV, catch  up on old Oprahs still in my TIVO just waiting to be watched, workout at my leisure or stay in sweatpants all day if I want, cook a great meal to kick off the week and most importantly allow me to forget about work for just one more day…

Without you, I would have 5 meetings to attend during the day and 4 of them being back to back from 1pm-5pm. oh not this glorious Monday.  This Monday the only meeting I will be required to attend is a meeting with my bed and cozy comforter. 

The only thing to make this day a little bit more sweeter is if banks honored this holiday and let my lovely husband have the day off as well.

So thank you Commonwealth of Massachusetts for today and of course our beloved Evacuation Day too.

Love, Me.


oh reenactments how they make me giggle…


One Response to “Thank You Commonwealth of Massachusetts”

  1. Nicole April 20, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Ha, ha. LOVED that post! Although I am not such a fan of our commonwealth, because I did not get the day off from work. I think that it should have been mandatory that I too have the day off. Oh, well. I’m living for Memorial Day, as then I shall have my 3-day weekend. 🙂

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