Beauty Secrets Part II

20 Apr

So in case you missed Part I I went over some items regarding my body/hair care regimen.  Now for the fun part-skin care and makeup!

A recap of my skin type: As for my skin it is on the dry side as well and areas that I may get pimples is the chin area.  My skin type is fair {can burn, but usually can tan}.  Similiar to my face my body can be dry and so extra moisterizer is a must to keep the flakes away.  So this should help with determining if any of these products will be great for you!

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover, Oil-Free, 3.8 Fl Oz (112 ml)

I use Neutragena Eye Makeup Remover about 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I really am in love with this product and gets all of my eye makeup off, doesn’t leave my eyes feeling greasy, doesn’t make my eyes sting, and I don’t need to use a whole bunch every single time.  I haven’t been able to find another product {even high end makeup removers!} that does all of these items.  I have tried samples and I even tried twice different brands and hated every moment of it.  I love this product and haven’t strayed from them in a long time. 



Origins Natural Resources Never Say Dry Extra Rich Moisture Cream 1.7oz

I really loveeee this product Never Say Dry because it is a thicker moisturizer and keeps my skin feeling very soft all day long.  It is a little heavier of a cream and so I use this in the Fall/Winter months when my skin is a little more dry. The great part because it is so thick that a little goes a long way and I can use just one tub to last me for both Fall and Winter seasons! A little concerned it isn’t on the Origins website any more–OH NO i hope it is still in the stores!


A Perfect World™ SPF 25

I have started to use this during the Spring/Summer because it is a bit lighter of a moisturizer and it has an SPF 25 which I absolutely LOVE! I have been using this for a few weeks and I am loving this new product.


A Perfect World™

I always heard you must use toner and I just laughed it off.  Just another gimmec to make me purchase another product. Nope. It is totally true! The Origins Perfect World Liquid Toner really makes a difference on my skin tone and to keep my face feeling fresh.  I use this daily nowadays!



Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Illuminating

I bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer {Natural Radiance} from a rave review on a blog and I am so glad that I made this purchase.  Although on the pricey side it is a great Tinted Moisturizer and I use it as my foundation for the Spring/Summer. It gives a nice light coverage.  It gives enough coverage without feeling like it is weiging my face down and it gives me that “dewey glow”.  I was concerned with the word “Illuminating” meaning sparkles…but no sparkles/glitter on my face-PROMISE! Laura Mercier has a heavier foundation with more coverage as well that I haven’t tried, but may for the Fall/Winter months!


Natural Mineral Foundation

Youngblood powder foundation {Cool Beige} I use during the Fall/Winter months and this gives me a great finish and wonderful coverage.  It is a matte finish in the powder form, but they also have liquid and pressed powder for different type of finshes and coverage.  I really love this product and how it lasts me an entire year {using for all 4 seasons last year}.


Ultimate Concealer

I use this concealer all year round because not only does it cover but it also helps clear up my face when I am having a breakout.  It gives wonderful coverage without having to use a ton and I use this for just touch ups on my face.  It is fabulous…love love love it! I use this product in Fair.


Crushed Mineral Blush

I use this blush in Sherbert as well in Winter/Fall and I really enjoy the loose powder because it lasts longer.  I tried the pressed powder, but within a month I was out of it.  This has lasted me about 6 months, which has been great.

Cheek Stain

I use this blush in the Spring/Summer to just add a little pinch on my skin.  It is pretty cool product with a roll on stick and it also helps keep your foundation on.  I really am enjoying using this product and gives me a nice “glow” for the entire day.  I use Blushing Bride, which I hear is a popular choice. Try it out!


Cream Shaper For Eyes

I have used Clinique eyeliner for years, which is funny because I have never used any other product of theirs-go figure! I use the Cream Shaper for Eyes because it lasts all day long.  It is really smooth to put on and it is very versatile! I can smudge it or keep a clean line and the colors are very vibrant. The color I use Chocolate Lustre and Black Diamond.   LOVE IT!


Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden

Urban Decay was a find at Sephora that I had heard about a couple of times.  It is a primer prior to putting on your eyeshadow to make it last longer.  I have been using it for 2 weeks and it has kept my eyeshadow lasting longer and more vibrant of colors.  I am not sure if it lives to the hype of OH EMM GEE YOU HAVE TO THIS PRODUCT, but I am definately liking the results that I have been seeing with my eyeshadow. 


 LORAC Multi-Platinum Palette ($120 Value)

I normally use individual eye shadow containers, but this beauty really caught my eye because I don’t really have any “going out” eyeshadow.  Everything in my collection is pretty light and most of it is purple because of my brown eyes.  I am really really really glad I picked up eyeshadow  {Lorac Multi-Platinum Collection} from Sephora.  I have used all of the colors {in moderation in the daytime}–even the blue which looks actually really yummy on my eyes! I haven’t had a need to pump it up for a night out yet, but I will be happy I have these colors when I need to! LOVE IT


LashBlast Mega Volume Mascara, Brown

I have been using CoverGirl LashBlast in Waterproof for the past year.  I have pretty thick lashes but they aren’t very long and so this is a great product for you to get more length out of my lashes.  I also find that most non-waterproof mascara just smudges to my face and makes me look a bit goth at the end of this day.  This mascara is easy to get off at night even though it is waterproof and I never have that goth look at the end of the day when I wear it.  Wearing this mascara opens up my face more and I almost never leave the house without wearing it.

{any drug store/grocery store}

Viva Glam Lipstick

Lipsticks never really stick on my lips…EVER. So I don’t really invest too much money into lipsticks because by the time I am out the door the lipstick is off my face.  It is a pure bummer since I just love using different colors, but even if I get them to stick they end up drying out and being all “crackalakin'”. UGH. But I am loving this MAC Viva La Glam V AC9 lipstick and I love even more that all the money goes to charity. HOLLA! It is a really simple color with really no flash, but it is an every day color to add during the day to add something a little bit different to my look since I am normally a chapstick only kinda gal. 


  • I wear this every day. multiple times a day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It is my must wear all seasons and it really helps keep my lips refreshed.  I had a bad issue with crackly lips and dry skin and this has definately decreased my dry lip days.  Really do love this product.


    I really enjoy this product called Nutragena Lip Nutrition as well for making dry skin on my lips go away.  It has tiny beads which is a great exfoliant without it being too rough on my lips.  I use this product when they are very flaky and I need to exfoliate my lips.  I have been using this product for over 5 years.  Another great product!

    {any drug store/grocery store}

    Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

    I used this product once and I really enjoyed the results, but it is a bit on the pricey side and I haven’t bought it after the first time.  You get instant results with this lip balm and so if you really had a hard time with the health of your lips–this is a MUST GET! It goes on really smooth and it improves your lips dramatically.  When I used it my lips were so healthy they were almost “too healthy” and they were very very slippery and hard to put any lip gloss or lipstick on my lips afterwards.  Great product and I always think about picking up another container of it…



    Now all of these products you are probably wondering…ummmm….do you need an hour to put your face on?? HAHA. The answer is no.  I probably spend about 15 minutes in the morning from start {eye makeup remover} to end {my lip balm/lipstick}.  Once you get into a routine it just feels natural and I barely ever skip a step, but sometimes I am not has precise with my eye makeup and so I can cut it down between 5-10 minutes.  I never leave the house without my moisturizer, mascara and lip balm on and other products just compliment my face when I go out.  I enjoy having a regimen and being able to take care of my face without having to bounce from one product to the next.  Your skin takes up to 30 days to get use to a new product and so don’t give up too quickly on a product because it may just need time to be the right fit for you. 



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    1. Nicole April 21, 2010 at 7:04 am #

      Thank you for sharing!! I need to revamp my makeup kit!

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