Date Night

21 Apr

So we are still within the year mark of being called newlyweds {oh em gee almost a year!} and so you would think with still being in the newlywedom that date nights would be a flowin’…

and they are. for a price.

I have been keeping track of our eating out/entertainment budget through the THAT WIFE budget {which is completely awesome and life altering. no joke.} and I am pretty appalled to find out how much we have spent in these two categories. We still have 8 months to go this year and we actually just reached our budget goal for both of these combined FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR???!!!!! Really I have no excuses except to say we moved to a city from living in the middle of nowhere and have taken full advantage of the city life. My other sorta/kinda excuse is that we didn’t start using this budget tool until March and I went back through all of our bank statements to fill in the blanks in for January and February and so I didn’t realize the damage we had done to those categories until the end of March. 

this is when the brakes came to a screaching halt and my grip on the debit card was cutting off our circulation.

I do realize that although we may not make it to our goal for either of these categories this year because seriously we will eat out at some point and do something entertainment wise in the next 8 months–we needed to change our lifestyle and QUICK.

but at the sake of date nights???

Our usual date night/date day includes eating out and normally includes going somewhere or doing something that costs something…let’s also not forget that some of these date nights bring our gas budget on the rise because we have to fill up more than usual.  It is a win-lose situation.  We win in the romantic/fun department/delicious meal, but we lose all sense of our budget, money and goals when having date night.   

so what is a girl to do with no budget for eating out/entertainment yet still wants to keep date nights/date days a regular occurance in this household?

meet the love actually blog.  which may save our date nights BIG TIME! This is why I love the blogworld.  I have a dilemma I have been thinking about since I saw the budget number and I stumbled upon this great blog through another blog and BAM problems are solved {okay okay perhaps not solved, but helping!}.  I typed in “how to have date nights on a budget” and what popped out on Google was all cheese and no please for this gal.  This blog though has so many ideas that I would acutally use or alter a bit to fit our needs/likes and also gets my creative juices going in regards to getting more out of paying less.  There are printables to help you give you a jumpstart and really is for the everyday couple. LOVE IT. 

seriously just yesterday she posted about Laundry Lotto, which if I had my own laundry machine in my house I would be doing this TONIGHT fo sho’!  Really who knew a simple task of folding laundry could be so sexy?! Although I may not be able to use it I thought of my BFF and her husband immediately because they hate folding laundry just like love actually! See bloggers coming together like whoa…

smpier by danske.


Anyone have any suggestions about keeping date night alive on a dime? Staying on budget living in/near a city?


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