In honor of Earth Day…

22 Apr

I thought I would share some eco-friendly items that would be on my list to purchase for a gift or just a because I want it so badly item….

{made from recylced fabric}


{no more paper cups please}

{anything served in this on a hot summer day would be delicious}

Nordstrom Slouchy Eco Tote with Pouch

{eco-friendly, chic, and affordable. um yes please}

{too bad my husband does the shopping because this is awesome for groceries}

Alex and Ani Shining Star Expandable Wire Bangle Set

{shopping eco-friendly may be pretty, but sometimes not cheap}

{how can you say no to something called “sunshine in a jar”}

{nope you can’t eat this mango, but you can decorate your house with it!}

{genious and I would immediately have a party to use these with guests}

click to enlarge

{okay this is something my husband would use in the grocery store}

{yes, more home decorations but I have been looking for a great magazine rack!}

{i have a couple soy candles and they are long lasting and smell yummy}

{tshirt says it all}

Chicken Rattle (Organic Cotton)

{baby will love it and you are saving the planet..what what}

Market Sling - Flax/Sky Blue

{can sling the baby and be stylish. woot}

If really nothing you found on here you really liked that was eco-friendly {ummm how can you not love at least the chicken rattle??!!!} check out this site that has millions and maybe billions of sites that will bring you to earth friendly products.  So if you are like me and can’t plant a tree in my backyard today to give back…give back by doing a little earth friendly shopping.  It really is a win win situation for the planet and your well being.  Oh and if you could shop eco-friendly on a laptop while you put your toes into some green green grass bonus points for you today. 



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