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Memorial Day

31 May

wherever you are

{we are in Vegas, baby!}

please take a moment to think of the troops

who are still fighting and who came before them

take a flower to a grave

take the time to talk to a veteran

take the time to say thank you

thank you for doing what we are all not brave enough to do


Tomorrow starts our healthier you guest blogger posts! ohhhh they are uber fabulous–Stay tuned!!


Love Story

30 May

drunk girl meets drunk boy at a college party

girl shows boy the glitz and glam of city life. boy shows girl all about nature, camping, and bugs.

guess who won out?

girl and boy spend holidays and start to begin their own traditions

girl may be the ying to the boy’s yang but one thing is for sure we love each other and sports

even though girl may want to wring boy’s neck he is always there with a hug and a laugh

girl and boy find the love of traveling together to be one of life’s treasures


boy finalllyyyy figures it out and asks girl to marry him and become his wifey


boy and girl make it official and sign on the dotted line

boy and girl are MARRIED!!!!

365 days ago I married my best friend, my other half,  my love.  It seems like yesterday I was making the biggest commitment and expression of my love yet so much as happened that it also seems like a lifetime ago.  Today I love my husband more than I did when I said those vows. Each day feels better, brighter, and all around happier.  I am thankful and blessed to be at your side drinking champagne, eating our delicious red velvet cake and takingin the waves at the beach. Happy Anniversary babycakes. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings…  As your sister said to us..”49 more years until we reach GOLD!” xoxo

Friday Foto!

28 May



Happy long weekend everyone!

is it me or does everyone need this weekend desperately?

performance evaluation, damage billing  & graduation

are the only things standing between me and my vacation

just keep swimming…just keep swimming

have no fear I have exciting guest bloggers next week!

Stay tuned!


27 May



it is a new day

one step closer to my girly excursion this afternoon

one step closer to vacation

one step closer to bright lights

one step closer to our anniversary

one step closer to eating cake and champagne

one step closer to leaving this place behind

make the day yours

don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers today


Bad Day.

26 May


ever have those days that before you open your eyes you know it isn’t going to be good? That you already have that gut reaction to the day. totally me today.  I woke up in a bucket of sweat {ewww gross} because the fan was turned off and the door was shut and I was basically in an oven for a hour. I roll out of bed get downstairs and my lovely father in law made me breakfast {totally nice, right?}.  Well we slept at the in-laws place last night so I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get back home in time for work only to be stuck in traffice so all I was able to do was slap on deodarant and try to make myself as presentable as possibe {second ewwww gross especially with how this morning wake up went}

So I fly down the stairs to get to my office because of the mounds of post-closing paperwork that needs to be done to find out the air conditioner is not working and it is only going to be 94 degrees out and I only work 12 stories up and we all know the saying about heat rising {third ewwww gross}.  Get through paperwork to find out that more details need to be done and it is going to take me a lifetime to finish, but needs to be complete by Friday. ohmygoodness. I then have a great salad for lunch which helped while watching last week’s modern family, which put a smile on my face.  Well that smile soon faded when I had to go have a meeting that ended badly, which led me straight into another meeting. oh and these meetings were in non-air conditioning as well because who would think it would be 94 degrees in May? {ewwwww FOURTH gross}

so I am feeling gross. kinda annoyed. kinda stressed. kinda wishing I didn’t feel guilty about fitting in a workout tonight because ice cream sounds more like the trick. kinda wish I didn’t have to work a late night program tonight and could crawl into bed wishing this day away. kinda wish that I had something better to blog about today then my pretty bad day.

BUT as I got back to my computer and went to one of my favorite sites to connect with women I found out that one of the lovely ladies lost one of her twin babies and is holding onto her second child by a thread {hold tight baby B!}.  and in that moment  I realized that as bad as my day sounds and even typing it made it sound worse…it is all relative when you see what others may be going through.  my heart could never hold all the pain people must be feeling on a second by second moment in the world, but this day has taught me to have a bit of perspective and to really not allow outside factors to impact how my entire day goes.

my bad day would be this person’s great day at the moment.  my bad day is someone elses ‘for real’ bad day.  my day today in no way compares to other people’s bad days in the world. 

and so what if I didn’t make a shower this morning–I have the ability to  have one tonight. so what if I managed to be in traffic–it allowed me to catch up on my gossip.  So what if meetings didn’t go my way–there will be plenty of meeting in my future. good and bad. so what if I am a little hot today. so if I want icecream and don’t want to work out–I have the choice.   in the end life can have it’s painful, scary, upsetting, stressful, agonizing moments and sometimes life can’t be awesome, but it also doesn’t have to be seen as bad either. because one day I will have a really bad day and this will seem like a great day. 

today I learned to try to step out of myself for a few moments and find the beauty in a day {even if it feels bad} and also realize in the end it may not be that bad after all.


Miss Nadia

25 May


Happy Birthday to my sweet  Nadia

my butterfly loving, mani/pedi loving

ballerina loving, dessert loving

bubble bath loving, pink loving, singing guru neice

you truly are one of kind

Happy 3rd Birthday!

{love auntie & uncle}

5k-Take TWO!

25 May


**No pictures of this run because I was solo on this run and was stupid and didn’t take any with my iphone. boo.**

So the goal is to do a 5k once a month until October and at the moment I can say that I have been successful! My first 5k of the year was in Groton, Massachusetts and it was very successful minus one hill.  I had to really squeeze in this month’s 5k because every weekend we had something going on and it was either last weekend or the weekend of our anniversary. um, I will pass on running a race on my anniversary…pass the champagne please! So I signed up for one next to my hometown because I was going to be going home for the weekend.  It sounded reasonable and it would be great way to start off the weekend.  Until I remembered that the day before I had closing and my feet and legs would be aching.  Although I have never given birth I think I am going to compare closing to giving birth because each time it happens I forget the agony that goes along with it and the “push towards the end,” but then as soon as it is over you forget about the pain.  haha. I am sure closing is nothing compared to birthing your child, but let me use the metaphor, pretty please.

Anyways so I completely forgot how miserable closing a building is and how sore your entire body is especially when it is 18 floor building. Plus I had to drive home late at night because closing always takes forever.  So my legs and feet were sore and I was completely tired from closing and driving 3 hours. Yes I am just full of brilliant ideas. First shopping disaster and now a race disaster?? So I went to bed hoping and praying that I would be okay to run the race because I really wanted to do one in May.  Well I woke up at 7am and surprisingly my legs and feet were not exhausted and I felt that I was in good enough shape to run the race! YAY! Maybe this wont be a disaster at all…

Show up in time to watch the kiddies run, which really is always my favorite part.  Also, this race was quite smaller than the first race so I wasn’t use to the laidback atmosphere of the race.  Plus I was doing this race solo so I felt a bit awkward and out of place.  This is the time where I wish I had taken my iphone and took some pictures of the people running the race. No joke they all looked like professional runners and their outfits were unforgetable.  One lady was wearing basically nothing but she also had 12 pack abs and so I guess she earned running naked. haha.  Some guys with shorty mcshorterson shorts with shaved legs to make them more agile, but man nothing to imagination. 

While I was doing this people watching I was totally listening to people’s conversations to keep me entertained.  Well through these conversations I found out that I was about to run a “challenging 5k.” Ummm please say more…what is so challenging?? Well we have a killer hill right at the beginning that goes into another hill…which in the end you do about 6-7 hills altogether.  I stopped counting as I was getting discouraged. You also get to see how slow you are because instead of a circle we are running a loop so you get to pass all those professional runners before you really even begin. fabulous.

I warmed up and tried to forget the word challenging and just tried to pump myself up.  All I really wanted to do was to make it through the hills running.  I died on the one hill I had at the last race and so I have been working on the treadmill for hills.  Maybe not ready for 7 hills…but I can at least do more than 1 I kept telling myself!  We get to the start line and finally figure out what direction we are suppose to be facing {tiny run a little less organized I would say}.  They shout GO!

I pace myself slower knowing that there was a killer hill coming up and I let everyone just pass me by.  I wasn’t going to hit a wall at mile .5 to say the least! I start running and see I have a running buddy who is doing about the same pace as me.  I smile and she smiles back at me and says…Cari? Holy crap I know you! Wow flashback from the past who I knew in Middle School. Um crazy! So we had our ipods and paced along side by side.  The killer hill hit and I got up the hill only to see the next hill.  Proudly I was able to get through the first hill and then 3/4 of the 2nd hill.  Once I got to the top I started running again and after that I did all of the hills! WAHOOOOOOO!! I couldn’t have been prouder! I paced with the girl but she walked the hills and then sprinted the rest but it was really nice to have someone along side to keep you going especially when you think you are hitting a wall.  I have never had a running buddy and I really liked it!

On top of my running buddy there was a woman who was wearing a bright blue tank that I followed the entire time. I kept saying that I wanted to get to her at least and even better if I could pass her.  I came close a few times, but then she would pick up the pace and I would be at the same distance I started until about 2.5 miles I was able to pass her.  Seriously she had no clue but inside I was saying….YES I WON! BOOYAHHH!! I BEAT YOU! Seriously childish, but I was so happy that I made my goal of passing this blue tanked woman.  oh the things that get you through a race!

I sprinted the last moments and I finished with a total of 38:05! I was really pleased with my results although they weren’t nearly as good as my first race BUT I felt more confident and stronger because of the hills.  Since my husband and I run at different paces it wasn’t strange to not have him in the race with me, but it was strange not having a cheering buddy at the end and a big congrats hug at the end.  I missed him during the 5k but instead I high fived my runnning buddy and said let’s do this again soon!

On a side note there was this woman who beat me with a jogging stroller with 2 toddlers in the stroller. Really? That stroller had to be heavy and yet she passed me in the first mile.  Next time I will be ready to beat the mom with the double stroller…HAHA!