April Showers…

3 May

brings May flowers!!!



That is what I am hoping for as I just finished a really really long work month to just stop and smell the delicious flowers.  But every day I have to remind myself that that I have one more month to drample through. Any college I have attended or worked at has been done this upcoming week.  April is fast and furious and the beginning of May I am begging more hours to be in the day because life is so hectic–but then come May 8,9, or 10th life is back to normal and bliss. Students are gone, reports are getting written and there is a sense of accomplishment of all that was jam packed into 6 weeks of work. I get to start enjoying life and seeing those May flowers with my long leisurely non-student strolls.  

At my new institution this is not so. Students are here until the second to last day in May…SAYYY WHAAAAAT??? It has been crazy for 6 weeks straight and I still have 4 MORE WEEKS OF CRAZY.  I may go insane. insane in the membrane.  I am still trying to realize that it is May and that my crazy “may” just be beginning…


and so I need to remember a few things to keep the crazy at bay…

sleep wherever and whenever i can…


be playful…


stop and take photos….


find time to cuddle {in the grass would be a bonus}


more wine…and less WHINING…


hold hands…


take moments to breathe…


find time with friends…


reach for the sky…


working out should be a stress reliever…not stress inducer


and remember these words…


**all pictures from this awesome we love it website**

I will have to come back and read this post in the middle of May when I am getting stressed out and just laugh at myself for how calm this post sounds! And all else fails I will always get a good laugh at what my husband’s boss told him one day..” you are too blessed to be stressed” HAHAHA..makes me laugh just typing it. Anyone else have really really hectic months in their job? How do you get to the other side of those hectic months/weeks with your sanity??


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