Novice Runner Part VIII

6 May



This running topic is going to be all about MOTIVATION because this girl was is dire need for some motivation! I have been doing the Jillian Making the Cut circuit excerises and they are freaking holy moly intense.  I get through them and do them pretty well {please don’t judge my reverse planks!}–but not without sweating buckets, legs shaking, and barely walking at the end.  So after the circuit training she {circuit crazy woman Jillian} says that you should do some sort of cardio for about 15 minutes. Um, yea right Jillain! I can barely move after your circuit training and you expect me to go on a treadmill/eliptical/bike after your workout.  you make me laugh.  you are sooooo funny.

I tried a couple of times to do cardio afterwards, but my legs are just like rubber.  I normally do the circuits around 4 times a week and so I was thinking well I will do short 15 minute runs 2 of the days I do cicuits and then run 2 of those days that I have off for a longer run.  That would leave me with having 1 day of complete rest to keep me refreshed.  Well when you can barely move because muscles you haven’t worked on in over a year are beyond aching and it is hard to put on pants. There are days I can’t imagine running an inch let alone 2 or 3 miles so needless to say I haven’t been running at the rate I was doing prior to circuits–although I was still working out.  I have done a couple runs and did a couple hill routines after the 5k to work on not getting burnt out after a hill in a race–but the motivation is just lacking in the running department.  I am really enjoying the circuit training, but I know I need to increase cardio and running is how I want to do it. 

So what is motivating me to keep moving and keep running and not just let the running go and do circuit training?

Well you would think Vegas is motivating me because we are vacationing there veryyyy soon {nope, too far of a goal}.  You would think getting my tub of summer clothes out this past week would be motivating {nope, haven’t taken the items out of the tub yet}.  You might even think the next 5k run we want to do would get me motivated {nope, because well we haven’t signed up for one this month yet}. And of course I would be motivated because it was bikini season {nope, haven’t put one one this season yet}

What got me motivated?

a cupcake. a cupcake was surely going to save me.

Story of how I lost said motivation…

I had a really busy week at work last week and so I didn’t get to the gym as frequently.  Then I was gone all weekend in CT and so that was just another excuse to not work out.  Then this week it was a combo of working and also eating out for dinner multiple times that kept me away from working out. Top if off I am eating out dinner tonight with the sister.  I knew that today was do it or lose it day.  I needed to get back on track or the inches would start creeping up, I would start being lazy about my food again, and all of sudden all the hard work I did would be gone within 2 weeks.  That is normally how it happens.  I get uber motivated and keep it up {this time it being 6 months!}, but then busy season occurs, going out with friends and family takes precedent over working out, and BAM I am back where I started.  depressing, right?

well not this time! I told myself last night that I am going to eat out for the 3rd time this week and I need to get back on track working out! Enough excuses I said to myself and if I don’t get out and do a REAL WORKOUT and not some lame jog around the block then I was going to punish myself.  no fo’ reals. I am going to punish myself because yes, last week was insane and working 16-18 hour days is not just an excuse it was my reality and all I did on my free time was sleep.  Yes, this week I was “recovering” from working so hard and let me indulge with a half a day and time well spent with the husband.  BUT there comes a time when you have to say…okayyyyy you have had your “I worked really hard last week I deserve this” pit party and get those sneakers laced up again.  You will thank yourself after you work out trust me–JUST GET OUT THERE.

This is where the cupcake comes in….

so here was the deal.  If I got up this morning and did a 2 mile run prior to work I would be able to get that cupcake I have been talking about for a good month.  Remember the tip c cupcake blog post. Yup I would get one of these amazing cupcakes if only I can get out of my bed and run.  Well I am not a morning person so we all know that this was going to be extra special if I could make it happen.  Wait, you want me to lose out on 30 minutes of sleep just so I can have a cupcake later on? Yup body.  That is what I am saying–no workout equals no cupcake. 

 I sat in my bed for about 15 minutes contemplating if that cupcake would be worth it and maybe we wouldn’t stop there and basically any excuse to stay in my bed for just a little longer.  I kept looking at the clock knowing my window for working out was closing and I needed to make a decision.  So finally I said I need to workout not only for this cupcake {although this was my true motivation} but I need to get back into a routine.  I need to get running again and I have all weekend to go out and run and get back into my routine.  I need this for myself to feel good.  I didn’t do all this work for 6 months to roll over and say there is always tomorrow…or even better there is always monday. 

it worked.  I won against myself and I could not be happier! I ran 2.15 miles {who is counting though?} and under my normal speed! I felt great and I realized that I really do enjoy running and being healthy.  I am glad that I didn’t just give up on it all because it can be so easy to do and now I am motivated to run this weekend and start the circuit/running routine on Monday.  Whether I eat the cupcake tonight or not I have found my motivation again and that is truly priceless {who am I kidding I am totally getting the red velvet cupcake!}.  

So moral of the storysometimes you need to talk yourself into working out and doing the right thing for your body.  Sometimes putting on your running shoes will be the hardest task you will have to do but in the long run you will feel 10x better that you did.  Sometimes you need to bribe your body and that is okay because let’s face it bribes work.  Sometimes your motivation comes in the form of food and although sounds kinda couterproductive–that is okay too {as long as the deal wasn’t eating 6 cupcakes!} because that cupcake will be burned off quickly in my next workout…but my motivation is back again and THAT will not burn off as quickly as the cupcake.

Sometimes you lose why you were running and being healthy it in the first place and you need to dig down and find something…anything…just one little thing to bring you back.

thanks cupcake. i will truly enjoy you tonight.    


What has motivated you in the past? Do you need to find motivation again?


One Response to “Novice Runner Part VIII”

  1. Lisa May 6, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    I am the same way! I am motivated for a few weeks and then I lose it and all of my hard work is gone. Lately, even when I’m feeling super lazy, I tell myself, “At least go downstairs and get on the exercise bike, and if it’s really horrible, you can quit.” But after 10 minutes of being on the bike, I’m warmed up and feeling good and I almost never quit. So, it’s definitely true – just get your shoes on, start something, and most of the time, you’ll keep going and get a great workout!

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