The American Family

7 May

So I found this horrifying broadcast on this blog and it has been thinking are we part of this American Family?   One of the items that I have become overly obessed about is our budget. no joke. I look at our finances at least every other day and I am always thinking of future goals and where we want to be in x number of months, years, decades.  It can truly be exhuasting and because too many hands can’t be in the budget pot I normally take on this burden by myself.  Sure my husband wants to do the vague dets on where we are at and what we need to be doing, but he deals with financial items all day long so to come home and pay bills and look at our finances just seems like more work.    As for me I barely work with  money in my job and so normally it is a nice release for me and something I feel empowered and in control of {most days}.

But my husband is very smart and knows a ton about financial aspects especially for long term goals because he is a financial planner, investment banker and general banker all rolled into one handsome man. Now I know the topics of finance are not sexy blog talk, but I think it is important and I am very curious of what I could be doing better.  And so for the amazing price of ZERO dollars my darling husband is willing to share his knowledge with my blog world!! {YAY!!} We were crusing in the car one day on the way to some place and I talked to him about all the things I don’t know in the finance world even though I am in charge of the budget.  For instance,  when is a good time to invest in a financial planner? How much money do you need to make a financial planner worth the money? How much should we be stashing away for retirement? Should we have investments, and if so in what?  What the heck is an IRA? Should I just ask Chuck ?{aka the Charles Swabb commercials my husband hates!} Wanting to start a business, but where do you even start? Why does Suze Orman make you cringe dear husband and why is her advice so bad?  Gosh the list could go on and on….

So if I have so many questions and I live with a financial savvy person then there has to be other bloggers out there just as confused or more confused about financial aspects in their lives. So POST A QUESTION in the comment section below {they can be anonymous and as detailed as you want!} or you can email me your questions at cari dot velez at hotmail dot com by Wednesday May 12, 2010.  I have a bunch of questions that are on my list that will be discussed but I wanted to hear from YOU my faithful blog readers!   Can’t wait to hear what people’s questions are and to see if they are similiar to my own!  Oh and my husband loves bacon so I will be thanking him with pounds and pounds of bacon so this seemed fitting…


And lets make them hard people…I would love a question to stump my husband!!! Not that I am competitive or anything! HAHAHA!


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