Novice Runner Part IX

10 May


My little tid bit of advice in this dose of Novice Runner is to take the advice of Expert Runners because honestly THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.  Whether they have been running x amount of years, or x amount of runs, or x amount of miles their advice is truly invaluable and so I am going to let you in on a piece of advice my expert running friend who has a hilarious blog about reviews. I tell her all the time that she needs to review running items but I think I am starting to wear her down and she may do it…right? right?  Anywhoo she is going to be giving some advice as a guest blog at the beginning of June {stay tuned!}.

So when I emailed my lovely friend about helping me out to start running and getting some advice she not only gave me advice, but she made me a training schedule! I kid you not she is a rockstar! I started to do the training schedule back in November, but I quickly realized I was way out of shape for this training schedule and so I am looking foward to doing this really soon because I feel I am almost there to follow the schedule. almost

but that is not the famous piece of advice I am talking about. nope.

The very first thing that she told me was get fitted for new shoes.  Not to work out more, not to eat healthier, not to get into smoothies, not to follow her schedule and only her schedule.  Nope, the very first thing she told me was to get on a treadmill in a store so they watch me run and follow their advice.  I remember her saying that her shoes were like cardboard when she follwed the store’s advice and she hated them at first, but now that is all she run in and they her saving grace.  So second piece of advice. Listen to the professionals in the store even if they don’t feel “right.” Maybe what is feeling “right” and “comfortable” is actually giving you those blisters, shin splints, and other injuries. just go with it. it is only one pair of shoes and you could always go back if it doesn’t work out.  

I kinda laughed it off and said that I will look into it when the time comes for new running shoes.  But people watching me run in a store? ummmm this should be interesting, no?

Well around 8 months later I am actually going to be on a treadmill running for people in a store. tonight.   thankfully my husband will be doing the same thing. so we both can look like the idiot runners who are posers and are just trying to be runners. there will probably be some laughing and mocking that happens in said store.  I am starting to get some pain in my left big toe {random, right?} anytime I am creeping past 2.5 miles and my husband after two laps is starting to have pain in his front leg.  We both are in the need for a pair of new running shoes for the summer and so I went searching online. 

this part was hilarious.  what do you google to find these treadmill running stores? I googled treadmills stores for running…you get stores that get treadmills. haha. stores that watch you run on a treadmill. haha nothing and only about buying treadmills again. I tried about another 10-15 google phrases and I was getting best way to run, treadmills, stores to buy running gear, etc. Until finally I figured out if you type “running specialist stores” you will find exactly what you need if you want to find one in your area! I can save you the time and effort in trying to go on a google hunt to figure out what this all means.  {you can thank me later of course with cupcakes, um I mean running gear!}

and my last piece of advice of my very own is to go to see if the store has a facebook page because it is getting very popular about deals, events, and other runners talking on their pages.  I found the facebook page of a specialty running store near my area called Marx Running & Fitness and what do you know they are having a Mizuno **Run with Us** shoe lab event.   SCORE!! Not only will they watch me run, but they are going to do a biomechanical foot analysis tonight as well for FREE.  Plus all Mizuno’s are 20% off if that is the brand I want to ultimately go with.  It toally made my Friday when I found out all this out!

So to wrap all this lovely advice up in a nice RED bow…#1 listen to expert runners us novice runners #2 go to a specialist store to have someone watch you run in the store #3 listen to their advice. #4 don’t spend hours trying to find this on google…just type is running specialist store #5 see if the store has a FB page to find out about events, deals and other promotions!


wish us luck {or maybe the store needs the luck} because this is surely going to be hilarious


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