Hit & Miss

11 May


Okay I wouldn’t say this is a “song” rather than a compilation of songs from 2009 in a really awesome mix.  My husband and I always hate remixes on the radio because we just want to belt out our favorite tunes, but I have really gravitated towards this mix.  It is funky, fresh and really fun!! Plus it has some of my favs from last year all in one fun mix.  The name is kinda funny “Blame it on the Pop” by DJ Earworm. Hey at least it is memorable! I think this would be great mix to have when doing a random treadmill routine and need that change in pace to keep you going.



Oh Lady GaGa you were doing wonderful with hit after hit…I am not too sure about your new one.  Plus I hope you are giving some rights to the Ace of Base people because doesn’t think song sound exactly like…I SAW THE SIGN??? Just because it happened in the 90s Lady GaGa when you were 4 doesn’t mean it hasn’t already happened!   It is an eh song, but definately a bad song for Lady GaGa–but with all the hits she has had I guess she had to fail at some point right?

What do you think of this hit and miss?

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