Anniversary Gift

17 May

So our anniversary is coming up and I need to figure out what I am going to get my lovely, incredible, loyal, amazing husband.  It is close to our wedding date…let me be a little mushy! HAHA! So I already have done something with our vows, but we are moving so I can’t show the before and after photos yet {in June I promise to show my DIY project!} and I spent a good amount of time on a 150+ photobook of our years together {but unfortunately he knows I was making it and I am not sure it will be here in time for the anniversary}.  Both of these are “paper” goods, which is what the year for a 1 year anniversary is and if I had any common sense I would have made one of these the gifts…

but I have none as my adorable likes to tell me all the day. haha.

so we made a deal and since we are going away on vacation as part of our anniversary gifts to each other we put a $100 limit on our gifts to each other.  ohhhh I love/hate limits! I love them because it makes us be more creative with our gifts and we know around the same amount we spent on our gifts so one person doesn’t feel oh so bad if the other out does the person.  BUT I hate the limits for this very reason…I am a huge surprise gift giver.  I love it and it totally gives me a rush and I will spend months thinking about gifts for people…obsessive I know.  I love going over the top and seeing anyone’s face {especially my husband’s though} when opening up the awesome gift I bought/made.  Which makes it clear why we put limits on ourselves because he has a wife that would fly him to some exotic land for a weekend just to see the reaction on his face.  {totally crossed my mind!}

now I am left with $100 buckaroos and wanting to express my loveee for the man who has changed my life forever. no pressure.

here are some things I am thinking of, but could use any help in the gift giving department…


I have been in love with this idea for months now and it seems like such a romantic gift.  It is your very own card catalog of your relationship and each year you would add more cards to it and then one day pass it on to generations to come…we could leave our love mark on our loved ones that we may never meet.  {le sigh}

We love Rescue Me and Dennis Leary and I found out this weekend that they are doing a comedy tour and would be in NYC! All things we love and give us a chance to go to NYC. I looked up tickets on the sly and they are way over the $100 budget and so I have to put that idea on the back burner, but gosh I want to see this so badly!


Another item that we never put on our registry and would be a bit of a luxury item is a wine picnic basket.  We talk about doing picnics and actually have a nice river with places for picnics and so we could do this more often in the summer even during the week.  It is something that I am hoping to do on our actual anniversary is to hit up a beach, enjoy some champange and have a picnic and of course some fierce volleyball action as well.  It is more of a gift for us rather than for my husband, but I think we could enjoy this and have a little money left over for something small. 


My husband goes on rants of little things he would get to improve upon his wine and for the life of me the names escape me all the time.  I really need to jot these items down so that I could get him these little things that he talks about in his sleep. HAHA! I never remember and then I look at this website all confused and fustrated because I can never exactly remember what he said. oh hum this would be a great gift to add on to the one I gave him for Christmas if I could only remember…I know he would love it, but would it be special enough? 

Novara Duster Single-Speed 20'' Bike - 2010

Oh a shiny new bike.  He would love a bike to go riding on especially around our city because it is flat and has sidewalks everywhere.  Some problems with this bike is storaging the bike, only having 1 bike and so the two of us couldn’t go on bike rides, and a bike for $100 bucks isn’t the bestest.  But I think it would be awesome to have a bike in the living room with a big red bow on the top.  I would be the cool wife for sure!

I of course need to start making decisions quickly especially if I am going to purchase it online and I know in the end the gift isn’t what matters it is the thought that counts and I should make a decision ALREADY!  {holy run on sentence BATMAN!}

Any thoughts? ideas? for a wine loving, triatholon hopeful, war movie fanatic, Boston sports-crazed person?


2 Responses to “Anniversary Gift”

  1. theclambroll May 17, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    All the gift stuff aside (and I love the card catalog and bike ideas btw)…what is this about moving?? Email meeee! 🙂

  2. Nicole May 18, 2010 at 6:59 am #

    I hate / love shopping for my husband. I love surprising him, but I think it’s so hard shopping for guys!

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