Love Story

30 May

drunk girl meets drunk boy at a college party

girl shows boy the glitz and glam of city life. boy shows girl all about nature, camping, and bugs.

guess who won out?

girl and boy spend holidays and start to begin their own traditions

girl may be the ying to the boy’s yang but one thing is for sure we love each other and sports

even though girl may want to wring boy’s neck he is always there with a hug and a laugh

girl and boy find the love of traveling together to be one of life’s treasures


boy finalllyyyy figures it out and asks girl to marry him and become his wifey


boy and girl make it official and sign on the dotted line

boy and girl are MARRIED!!!!

365 days ago I married my best friend, my other half,  my love.  It seems like yesterday I was making the biggest commitment and expression of my love yet so much as happened that it also seems like a lifetime ago.  Today I love my husband more than I did when I said those vows. Each day feels better, brighter, and all around happier.  I am thankful and blessed to be at your side drinking champagne, eating our delicious red velvet cake and takingin the waves at the beach. Happy Anniversary babycakes. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings…  As your sister said to us..”49 more years until we reach GOLD!” xoxo


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