Oh, the vegas {Resturant Reviews}

8 Jun

As with almost all my reviews I give them a grade {the elementary teacher inside of me} and this one for vegas was really tough to give.  I have thought about it and I am giving it a safe B.  It is a place that we want to return, it is a place we want to plan out better, it is a place that can’t be our entire year vacation, yet it is a trip we will always remember.  the vegas had a lot of pressure to live up to with us talking about going to the vegas since we started calling it the vegas when we watch the OC for one of our very first dates.  If you can remember back in 2003 Seth Cohen called Vegas the Vegas with their awesome bowling alley penthouse suite. SAAWWEEET sign us up.  Then we had to cancel the ending to our honeymoon and so the vegas has been on our minds collectively for 7 years, but vigorously for 2 years. long time. So I what I am trying to say is not to take too much stake in my overall grade and see if this is a place you could see yourself escaping to for a couple of days or even a week.  the vegas was a big deal to us and perhaps we hyped it up way to much and perhaps we didn’t give the vegas the chance it deserved.  Plus a B aint that bad, right?

**oh and most of my tourist pictures during the day are on my DSLR camera, but I want to keep it fresh so I am going to use interweb pics {bows head in shame}

Let us start with resturant reviews:

{Pizza Pizza, Wynn}    Food Rate: B+     Service C

We were in desperate need of some food once we got to our hotel and every place we looked lunch would cost us 50 bucks a pop. Um, no thank you.  So finally on the way out to the bridge to check out another hotel we find Pizza Pizza! We scan the menu and decide this is the place for us.  The pizza is suppose to be new york style pizza and it is very very very thin crust.  I like a little bread to my pizza, but it was actually really good.  I had the pesto pizza once and the cheese pizza once and they were equally delicious.  They have an excellent outdoor eating area with a waterfall.  Really great atmosphere for a pizza parlor.  With 3 slices of pizza and a drink we spent about 30 buckaroos {yikes!}.  We were starving so we would have paid anything at that point.  The service in the resturant was good, the service to get a take out pizza to take to our room. not so fantastic.  Over 20 minute wait to heat up a cheese pizza…left us feeling hungry and underwhelmed. 

{RA, Fashion Show Mall}   Food Rating: A    Service Rating: A

RA Sushi Las Vegas

Whenever we go on vacation we eat a ton of sushi and this time was no exception.  We found this place across the street from the Wynn in the fancy Fashion Show Mall.  It had an outside patio looking out towards the Wynn and it was just a chill place to eat.  The inside looked fabulous and really romantic, but both times we ate outside to enjoy the fresh air.  We had sushi rolls and some potstickers and everything was AMAZING. It was so delicious the first time we had to order more {as our waitress asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu we said MORE SUSHI ROLLS!}.  The service was great and  very attentive and the cost was very reasonable.  For 3 rolls and a couple drinks it was around $40 dollars for dinner.  For paying $30 dollars for 3 slices of pizza earlier this was a steal in our eyes.  We knew we would be back for more!

{SEGUNDOS, Fashion Show Mall}   Food Rating: B+   Service Rating: B

We saw this place while we were eating at RA the night before and decided we would do Mexican the next day for lunch.  It looks like a small “dive” with some great looking tacos! Count me in! The tacos were delicious and the beef ones had such great flavor although my husband told me the pork tacos were his favorite.  What I loved the most was their guacamole! It was fresh and delicious and with a cold Corona it just made my afternoon.  Be prepared to just sit on some plastic stools though when eating.  They had a bar that was attached yet they refused us seating in the bar area {where they were legit tables} because it wasn’t happy hour yet and they don’t allow food in the bar area until happy hour.  Who thought of those rules?? We might have stayed a little longer for another drink and given them more business but the plastic seats get hot and sticky in the sun. 

{Hometown Love Day, South part of Strip} 

These I am not going to rate but we had Wendy’s for lunch one of the days and then P.F. Changs for the dinner that night.  We were going bar to bar down the strip during the day so we thought we would just keep it low key for lunch and put our money towards booze rather than food.  At night we were passing P.F. Changs during the later portion of happy hour and we we wanted chicken lettuce wraps so badly!! Well one thing led to another we just ate dinner there on top of it.  We drank so much during the day that my husband didn’t even taste his happy hour beer he bought.  oopsss.  It was a great day and the focus was definately on the bars that day not on the food. 

{Olives, Bellagio}  Food Rating: B+  Service Rating: A

Todd English's Olives: Pictures of Bellagio Las Vegas

Gosh this was a tough rating to give since I really wanted this to be the uber special night, but of course when you overplan you overthink and then it never goes the right way.  The food was great…but it wasn’t beyond my wildest dreams.  I will say that I am a strong lover of mashed potatoes and these were in my top 3 mashed potato moments.  They were unbelievably great!  I got the veal yet it was more like a stew with ravioli pillows surrounding it.  It was alright but nothing to write home about {or blog extensively about}.  Although I could just blog about those mashed potatoes…great seasoning, some of the skins still on them, texture.  deliciousness–i wanted the entire meal to be great.  It was a very romantic setting although they sat us on the right where you see the wrought iron windows and beyond that was a huge Prada poster all lit up.  It took a little away from the ambiance so I would just ask to sit in the main area of the resturant to get more of a romantic effect.  They had a great wine selection and it was great to just get dressed up and celebrate our anniversary and grad school!

{Gallagher’s, New York New York}  Food Rating: A+   Service Rating: A

We weren’t dressed up and we just stumbled upon this resturant as we went to go watch the Celtics vs. Lakers game at ESPN Zone in New York New York only to find out we were 3 hours too late. Dang time zone change…oops! So we walked around and my hubby saw the steak displayed in the window and he was SOLD! Now he always says that he doesn’t like to order steak in a resturant because it is never as good as he imagines and I almost never order steak.  I order salmon with mashed pototoes {of course}.  Now the salmon was to do for and it was moist and yummy! The mashed potatoes had a ton to live up to and although they were good they weren’t Olive’s mashed potatoes.  Overall I felt more satisfied with this meal overall though.  My husband also said it was the best steak he has ever had in his entire life. hands down. {he got the aged steak}.  The service was great and we were too stuffed for dessert {although it was pretty cool to see the dessert menu light up!}.  We had the best time at this resturant and remembering the entire week. 

Overall our dining experience was in the B+ range and there really was anything we wanted to eat in any price range {once we got our grounding of the strip}.  If your hotel is too pricey or not pricey enough for your food taste just keep walking because you will find SOMETHING that you will all love.  We never ran out of options and there is a huge list I want to try when I go back.  Try to eat around the deals {happy hour, reverse happy hour, etc} and people are always giving you coupons for buy one meal get one free deal.  There is always some sort of bargain food wise in Vegas.  Now we never ate at a buffet, which is something we should have just tried once but lines could get busy and we just aren’t all you can eat buffet people.  They would certainly make money off us because at $17-45 per person it just didn’t make sense for us–I know others who love the buffets!


Next up…bars & hotel reviews


3 Responses to “Oh, the vegas {Resturant Reviews}”

  1. Nicole June 9, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    Yum, I’m starting to crave mashed potatoes!! 🙂

  2. love1025 June 9, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    no joke i could eat mashed potatoes everyday!


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