15 Jun

since I moved out of my house to go to college I have moved…15 TIMES. no joke.  this will be my 16th move and so really I should be a professional mover.  Each year we buy boxes and get rid of items and declutter and make a new space for ourselves.  It is our way of spring cleaning and keeping ourselves clutter free yet it is starting to get a bit old.  It is hard to get attached to a place because we know that we could pick up and be in a different state, city, or literally just across the street.  There are even times where we have boxes that haven’t been unpacked just for the sheer fact we haven’t been there long enough to use the items.  I have packed in plastic garbage bags just to bring my stuff home or to a town next door.  I have packed in sturdy bubble wrapped boxes to get shipped to another state or across country.  I have packed upside down and down side up.  I have packed 2 weeks prior to getting married {talk about a whammy of stress colliding}.   You name it we have packed in moved in it.

So you would think that moving across the street would be very simple and easy.  No wedding, no moving across country, just a simple jump across the street.  

hahahaha. NOPE!  it is still packing up all of our belongings and lugging them all the way across the street.  you know that place in packing where you know it is going to look worse before it is going to look better? that is exactly the place our apartment is in right now.  the place where you think it will never get all packed and if I have to bubble wrap one more glass I may just throw them out. that is the place we are at the moment. 

I don’t really know how to describe me because I don’t think I am completely Type A, but I am certainly not the most laid back person that I know.  But when it comes to packing my Type A personality flairs up.  For me I want to just take off a week pack until my fingers bleed and unpack every single box until my legs give out. Oh and I want to do this all in a day because going to bed with something this big unfinished gives me panic attacks.  I don’t just want to be “moved in” but I want to be settled and have all the pictures in place and feel like it is a home.  all in one day of course.

So you can imagine the horror that is taking place this week in my household since it is just across the street we are changing up our strategy and doing a little at a time.  a little at a time? there is such a thing? Of course like the maniac I am I did pack on my lunch break yesterday and I did get two trips to the new apartment prior to the husband coming home.  I then begged my husband to do loads with me rather than hit the gym.  Packing and unpacking is working out, right?   Today being at work is making me anxious because I know all of the trips across the street I could be getting in.  I am thinking I would be on trip #3 at this point in the morning. 

It is all logical to go slowly and to pack up a trip send it across the street and then unpack that trip completely and put everything in its proper place.  It doesn’t make sense to take time off of work since we have all week and the weekend to get our belongings across the street.  BUT my Type A personality keeps roaring its ugly head and telling me just keep packing…just keep packing…  

So I apologize if this week I am a little dull or even unoriginal {gasp!} in the posting department because my thoughts are constantly on what is the next thing I need to pack and how many more trips until we are free of moving.  I promise to heat things up next week as long as moving doesn’t slowly kill me.   



i think moving would be a ton more fun if my husband wore this outfit moving.


PS: I can’t believe it is only Tuesday? Don’t you think it should be at least Thursday?

One Response to “MOVING…AGAIN.”

  1. Nicole June 15, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    Ugh, I HATE packing! It took me months to completely move out of my parent’s house and into the apartment I rented with my husband. I probably still have some stuff at their house. Oops! Good luck with the move! It’ll be over before you know it. 🙂

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