101 in 1001

21 Jun

I am not sure if anyone reads this 101 in 1001 day list, but for me it is a constant reminder of my life to do list.  Nothing having to do with bills, groceries, or picking up the dirty piles of clothes.  This list is purely about accomplishing things in 1001 days.  Sounds like a lot of days, but they are flying by FAST.  Thankfully though I have been able to cross some great ones off my list since the last time I updated my readers in this post and this little diddy

#3 Purchase a Mac Computer {aka go to the dark side}

I purchased it on Saturday and the entire weekend it sat in a box in the middle of our living room.  My husband kept asking when I was going to open it, but honestly I was scared to open it.  I have no clue how to use a Mac computer.  When purchasing said Mac Computer I looked under the table to find the large box it would accompany said awesome computer.  The tech guy laughed and said oh no it is all in there…and points to the monitor.  ARE YOU FO’ REAL????? SOLD! So finally during my lunch break I took the Mac computer out of the large box in the middle of the room and my life is forever changed.  It basically reads my mind and for a moron with computers this computer is ideal.  I am loving it and I have had about 10 seconds with the thing. 


Welcome to our humble home….

#29 Print all photos and put into a photo abulm

So this one I didn’t print all the photos, instead I made this great blurb photobook.  It will stand the test of time and we have looked at this book multiple times.  It is the most used photobook we have to date and with our harddrive crashing 3 weeks after we put this book together it made me realize how important pictures are to printed and not stuck on some random harddrive and how important external harddrives are.  HAHA! Go here for my review

#37 Give away old clothes to good will

Okay so this one I had to cheat a little bit and I needed some help {a lot of help!}.  Friday I ran a ton of errands one taking the 3 bags of clothes to goodwill. They have been in our apartment for 6 months and really I needed to bite the bullet.  So I searched online and it took me to a Boys and Girls club that had a goodwill drop off.  First problem was that my husband took the GPS in the other car so I had to navigate without my trusty sidekick Phil Phil. OHHH NOOOO! That is okay Iphone came to my rescue…So I get to the location and there is no Boys & Girls club and it is now an apartment complex.  A really bad apartment complex in a really bad neighborhood.  Dogs were barking…seriously I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I looked up a second location got all the way to the location and it was CLOSED DOWN and boarded up.  People all I want to do is help get some clothes to people who need it!!! I was sweating by this point because it was 87 degrees and my air conditioning wasn’t working. GREATTTTT.  So I headed up to Nashua for another errand and I looked up a Goodwill location which was only a mile away from where I was. AWESOME! I get there and they are closed!!! 3 strikes and I am outta there! So thankfully my lovely father in law will be putting them into Goodwill in their hometown where we know they are OPENED.   I still get credit for this one though, right?

#85 Go to the VEGAS!!!

We all know about this little trip and if not you missed out on this post, this one, and yup even this one.   I am so happy I was able to cross this one off the list because it is a place that you have to see to really believe….

I still have a long way to go to completing my 101 items, but I am so thankful that I had made this list because it gives me some great direction and great focus.  With life getting so busy it can really blow you by without noticing how much you have accomplished or how much you still WANT to accomplish.  I am 10 items completed–I better get a move on some of these items!!! I am hoping that this summer before my life gets hectic once again I can really focus on my goals and my dreams for the year. 

Any goals that you have? Do you have a  list of your own?


One Response to “101 in 1001”

  1. Nicole June 22, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    I just started my countdown to 30 list… Well, I made the list. I haven’t done anything on it yet. Ha, ha! Awesome job on crossing off a few things on your list!

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