Overheard in our household…

23 Jun

If you were outside our window this weekend you might have overheard this conversation…

Husband: I already miss our old couch.

Me: Really? It has only been 2 days without the couch

Husband: I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.  The last time I slept on the couch I didn’t know it would be the last time…

Me: Well you could go across the street and spend some time with the couch if you need to.

Husband: No there is no TV at the couch anymore.  Man, it is like losing a family member. This couch was like a family member to us. This is depressing.

Me: {blank stare}

Jump ahead two days later while we are in Best Buy and we walk by some beautiful big screen TVs {that my husband just drools over every chance he can get and has wanted one of these since FOREEEVERRRRR!}

Me: So if you had to choose between buying one of these awesome flat screen TVs or a new sectional which would it be?

Husband: Couch. Hands down. No competition.

Me: {blank stares again}

Do all men get this attached to their couches? Our old couch wasn’t “ours” in the first place and belongs in the apartment we moved out of–and it was great but not to the point of a family member. We had a sectional couch and now we have two regular couches and every night my husband tries to reconcile with the fact that we do not have a sectional anymore.  He squires and sighs and pushes cushions out of the way only to pass out in some awkward position.   So we have this great FREE couch, but how many bets do we want to make that we will be visiting the furniture store in the next 6 months to buy a replacement family member?  

love at first sight for my husband {not our old couch though}


One Response to “Overheard in our household…”

  1. Nicole June 24, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    Ha, ha! Guys make life so interesting!! It’s funny because my post today was about men too. For the record, my husband wants a new couch even more than I do right now. So I can relate! 🙂

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