Thank you woman in the blue…

28 Jun

So on Friday I had the day off and I went to a new beach that I had never gone to…alone.  It was actually pretty relaxing and I really enjoyed the beach with a cold refreshing lemonade.  Now I didn’t get there until later in the afternoon and so I was being a cheapo and didn’t want to spend the entire 10 buckaroos to only stay a few hours.  So I did what every cheapo does…found a lot with metered parking.  Now this was outrageous meter parking…aka 25 cents for every 10 minutes…say what???? But I sucked it up and paid five buckaroos.  Now I was getting close to my time tickering out and I didn’t know how many times the meter men really came and checked the meters but I only wanted 20 more minutes in the sun.  Could you give me 20 more minutes in the sun meter man?? I risked it and stayed an extra 20 minutes but the entire walk back to the car I was anxious to see the windshield.  I just knew I would have a parking ticket..I was just hoping it wasn’t for a crazy amount.  {and realizing maybe I should have paid the extra 5 bucks and did all day parking!}

Well I round the corner and I find a vision in blue saving the day.  She was having some drawn out conversation at her car with the METER MAN!!! She was asking him questions about holiday parking, or the festival that was going on this weekend.  Whatever the deal was she SAVED THE DAY!!! The meter man was 4 cars from mine and surely would have given me a ticket.  I tried to be as casual as I could getting to my car, but he could see me in the corner of my eye.  I shoved everything in the car as fast as I could but I needed to throw away my old lemonade! What is a girl to do.  So I left the car door open as I threw my garbage away {meter man can’t give me a ticket with stuff ready to leave in the car, right?} Just as I was about to pull out the meter man go to my spot and looked at the expired meter and just smiled.

Thank you woman in the blue for saving me from “x” amount of dollars in a ticket.  I have learned my lesson next time I will just pay the 10 dollars for the full day. 

{not the best picture of the blue lady but I was scared she would see me!}


I also want to thank the lady in the black bathing suit, with leggings, and a sports bra running next to me this weekend.  I had to do 4 miles on the treadmill and I didn’t think I was going to make it, but you kept me so entertained I did all 4 miles!! {I totally wish that I had a picture of this, but I couldn’t get a picture without making it obvious}.  If she ever returns to the gym in this outfit I will be sure to bust out a picture–obvious or not.  It just must be taken for the sake of this blog. 

Anyone else try to take random pictures of people in their lives?? Ever get caught??


One Response to “Thank you woman in the blue…”

  1. Nicole June 29, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    Ha, ha. Loved this post! Glad the Lady in Blue saved you from a ticket!!

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