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Friday Foto!

30 Jul

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{prettiest wedding I have ever seen pictures of…sweet love}

photos by jose villa..aka awesomest wedding photographer


3 day weekend for me folks

keeping it short and sweet

enjoy the sun on your face

{with sunblock of course}

enjoy the taste of summer

{remember calories don’t count in the summer}

enjoy the moments with loved ones

{special shout out to Nicole & her sis!}

enjoy this beautiful weekend

{or else monday is going to hurt bad}



Note to self:

29 Jul

Dear Lovely Future Self,

Please on your Fridays or your days that are like a Friday do not look at your email at 4:59pm. only bad things will come of this action. such as it might  bring you more work than you intended to do with 1 minute left of the work day.  it might scare you for the week to come with meeting requests, obligations, etc. it might be a nastygram in which will leave you feeling bad to start the weekend. it might be illusive yet noone will respond to an email back because hello people don’t check their email at 4:59pm like dumb me. it might be a note that is cc: to every big wig at your company and hence forth wiith are scared sh*tless all weekend. it might  be a jolly have a great weekend farewell, but alas this is almost never the case.

so dear future self please refrain from checking your email just one last time because in all honesty there is nothing you can do about it at 4:59pm and Monday is a new day…


present self

No turning back…

29 Jul


so I did it this morning. I pressed the submit button after a great 4 mile run this morning.  And when I say great I mean I finished with my goal of 12 minute miles. nothing fancy. I registered for the Lowell Half Marathon on October 17th.  {GULP!}

my actual goal was to register for the half marathon after I achieved 6 miles (the most I have EVER run) but I have to repeat week 5 this week and the day I would be running 6 miles is the day that registration closes.  a little too close for comfort near the deadline.  So I bit the bullet this morning. 

So some things that are running through my mind:

  • Am I crazy?
  • Am I crazy?
  • Am I crazy, because I haven’t even ran 6 miles yet.
  • Am I crazy, because I havne’t even ran 6 miles yet and will I be able to finish
  • Will I be able to finish under 3 hours?
  • Will I have to walk half of the race because I bit off more than I can chew?
  • Will I survive August the most grueling work month at my job combined with a grueling training schedule?
  • Will I cross the finish line?

All of these things are racing through my mind, but one this is true that I am dedicated to the training.  I skipped an outing with the crew at Beerworks just so I could get in my workout.  I woke up at 6:15am to do my workout this morning because we will be leaving for our 3 day weekend right after work.  Before this training I would never give up a chance to socialize with my people and I would never drag myself out of bed so early just to get a run in.  So I am making strides towards reaching my goal.  Goal being to finish the half marathon in 3 hours.

It has been 6 weeks since I started training and here are some things that I have learned along the way…

  • For me, having a running partner is key. It keeps you honest and true to your training.  I run faster, longer and complete my goals when I have someone just in the same room as me.  I don’t need to be stride for stride with the person–but knowing someone else is trying to run makes it a little easier.  At the moment I have two running buddies.  One being someone who is trying to run the half marathon as well and another couch to 5k individual.  These two people have helped me so much these past 6 weeks. 
  • Have a strategy for each run.  Some days I just know my body and I am either still sore from a run, tired from the day, or just not into running at that moment.  I give myself goals.  Goals like for each mile I run I can walk a lap.  I a typical day I don’t need that walk but on days that I am just trying to get through the run this gets me to the distance I need to be.  Other days I feel good and limber and ready to run and so on those days I don’t take any walking breaks and I actually push myself time wise {since my distance is already set in my training schedule}.  For instance today–I ran the first mile fast, 2nd mile the same pace. On the 3rd and 4th miles I did 1/2 mile slower pace and the other 1/2 faster pace.  Figure out what your stategy is not just for a race but for every single run you do during training.
  • Realize that you will have to sacrifice for running.  Whether that is sleep, socializing, re-arranging weekend schedules, prioritizing tasks to get to the gym.  All of these things I have had to do in the last 6 weeks.  I didn’t do this last weekend because my schedule was jam packed and I couldn’t find a good time to run my long run.  I kept putting it off saying I would set my alarm even earlier than needed, I would wait until the sunset and it was cooler.  It didn’t happen and so I have to suck it up and just repeat a week.
  • Hal Higdon’s beginner half marathon training is 12 weeks.  If this is your first race give yourself more than 12 weeks.  I gave myself 16 weeks and so having to repeat a week isn’t terrible because I gave myself extra weeks to train.  It gives you a little wiggle room to be as prepared as possible for the race.
  • Don’t give up.  A couple time I thought…I haven’t registered yet I could just train for a 10k instead.  It is easy to get negative and down after a hard run or a bad run–but just know the next run will be better.  You can only go up, right?!  And use your support system to give you a pick you up! Your running buddy, spouse, partner, friend, mom saying YOU CAN DO IT will just be that extra push you need. 


Some things I haven’t learned yet…

  • How to make sure I don’t burn myself out week after week of running.  Trying to really utilize my “off day” and easier training days a little more effectively.
  • Doing more stretching before and after a run.  I do very little stretching before and after and some of my burn out feelings probably would be helped with adding more to my routine.
  • How much walking should be done before starting to run when I am running 5, 10, 13 miles for a warm up? I do 5 laps around (.5 miles) and sometimes it feels like plenty and sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough
  • At what distance should I be carrying around a water bottle for hydration? What distance for food? How do you drink, eat and run at the same time?! LOL
  • What should I be eating before a run? After a run? Should I be cutting out alcohol the closer I get to the race?

I am sure I will find out some of these answers within in the NEXT 6 weeks of training {where my long run will be 10 miles at the end of 6 weeks…WOOZA!!} but any runners out there have some answers to these questions? I need ALL the help I can get….


Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

28 Jul

Last night it was TACO NIGHT!!! One of our favorite meals, but alas not always one of our most healthiest of meals.  We were able to make it a little bit more healthy for us in using my father in law’s {FIL} recipe for tacos {gracias!!}. 

A little side note before our delicious tacos: For my FIL he has to eat healthy because his life literally depends on it.  He had a transplant over 20 years ago and one of the main requirements of a change in his lifestyle is a huge reduction in salt. Average person should be cosuming no more than 2400mg of sodium a day.  For my FIL that number needs to be more around 800mg a day.   Come to find out…EVERYTHING HAS SALT IN IT!! And not just a little sprinkle here or there. Nope huge amounts of it {sometimes for no good reason}. Check anything in the grocery store and you will just cringed at the sodium amounts on labels now.  Since I have known my husband salt has been something that we always keep in the back of our mind when thinking of going out to dinner with his family, or cooking a meal and even for us now that we know how much salt are in products trying different alternatives that have lower sodium.  We also never have salt on the table when eating and everytime it asks for salt in a recipe I do not add it and honestly other spices give it enough punch to not even notice the difference.

 I just looked up Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix {this does not include the taco shells} was 580mg for a packet! HOLY SMOKES!!!

So the first time we had this homemade taco seasoning mix was at my husband’s family house and I couldn’t tell the difference and a bonus was that it was far more healthier and actually cheaper in the long run. 

:::off soapbox now:::

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

1 1/2 pounds of ground beef

1 1/2 TBS of flour

1 1/2 TBS of chili powder

1/2 tsp of cumin

1/2 tsp of garlic powder

1 1/2 cups of water {if you like it less leaky try 1 cup or 1 1/4 cup}

Seriously THAT IS IT.  I know crazy, right?!?! All you do it brown up your ground beef and then add the ingredients and bring to a boil.  Have on a boil for a couple minutes and then simmer until it is the consistency you like your taco sauce.  It really is that simple.  If you like your taco sauce a little spicier just add more chili powder.

It also saves you because most if not all of these items you have in your kitchen already AND you don’t have to buy the taco kits—you can just use flour torillas, or buy hard shell tacos. Easy Peasy Nice and Easy!!!


not my tacos but I couldn’t do this post without some sort of taco picture!!

next time I will take a picture of it so you can see to believe it doesn’t look ANY different–promise!


Any changes you have had to make because of health issues in your family?


27 Jul

First off my sleeping patterns have been off the past couple days and so I have been dragging this entire week.  I feel a little better today although I still had wake up call at 4:30am but still feel behind and in a fog so I thought I would share some great things around the blogosphere that I read on a weekly basis. 

this is an awesome sale by one of my favorite designer from oh, hello friend.  Her items are so dainty and affordable and her blog is to die for.  I warn you in advance if you head over to her blog because you will be mezmorized by all the beauty on her blog.  So she is having a buy 1 get 1 FREE sale! I am on a tight budget with the hubs heading to grad school or I would snatch up a necklace or two over at her shop.   There are only a few items left so head on over and the instructions on how to pay are on her blog–

the two items I would buy:

look into the window - alice in wonderland glass bottle necklace, with key.


you're in my heart - scalloped edge 'i love you' language heart.
Other giveaways around the blogs…
+ all those mommas and poppas to be awesome birth announcements {$100 giveaway!}
+ awesome framed art which would be lovely in a kitchen plus giving away inspirational home books
+ you choose what you want with this giveaway $60 gift certificate to CSN store. YAY!
+ $200 buckaroos on your paypal account {helloooo I come!}
+oh and if these giveaways aren’t enough on Sept. 15-16 there is a blogomania giveaway with prizes worth at least $100 each. Stop on by to check it out!
hope you are feeling lucky today!

Travel + Babies

26 Jul

People who spent money on experiences-such as traveling, eating out, or attending concerts – were happier with their purchases than those who bought possessions, regardless of the amount spent, according to a recent study at San Francisco State University.

-Martha Stewart Living

This has me thinking of our next trip which is a little bit of a ways away but it is to one of my favorite places in the world because one of my favorite people(s) in the whole wide world lives there. Plus if I were to be honest bloggers I am having a bad case of the thing we like to call baby fever. I keep telling myself that waiting is best for our family but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait to smell, touch, hold, kiss baby b!  California here we come…

Anyone else excited for a vacation?

Hot Tub Time Machine Review!

26 Jul

My love for this movie makes absolutely no sense.

Once again a recap of my rating system for movies: { A+ }=in my all time favorite section {A} =it was really fabulous and a movie I could watch over and over  {B+}=Above average, a must see and will buy it if I had only rented the movie {B} = Average, glad I watched the movie and it kept my attention  {C}= Eh, I could take this movie or leave it. Not really my style and I would not purchase it  {F}= Ummm yea complete waste of my time and I would like the director to give me back whatever I paid to see this movie. stinky like old socks.

This weekend was more of a “work weekend” then a relax by the pool and read a book with an ice cold lemonade.  I had a photoshoot and then I was helping to host a bridal shower–all great things but smack dab in the middle of the summer sun hours. One of the things I ended up doing {which is normally is a staple in the mommacita’s household} is to watch the new movie they have bought. Side note we normally find ourselves looking at the on demand movies and saying “My parents probably bought this movie and we should wait until our next visit” and every time they have the movie. CRAZY.  Anywhoo my mom of all people said to me as I walked in the door “have you seen hot tub time machine” Ummm no and after 20+ years you should know me by now. That isn’t my type of movie mom.  She proceeds to urge on and say no no it is really funny–trust me it is so funny!

So if my mom thinks this movie which to me is the dumb comedy type then it is worth a try.  So we plopped on the couch and I will say I did laugh. alot.  more than anticipated although in the end it truly was dumb comedy.  yes it was vulgar, yes showed way more butts and breasts then needed {maybe because we watched the unrated version} but overall it kept my attention and made me laugh, which of course is the point of dumb comedy movies.  I also appreciated that it didn’t draw out the plot and make it so you wished it was over 30 minutes ago.  So it succeeded and I am a tough cookie when it comes to dumb comedy.  Overall I am going to give this movie a B.  My husband would probably rank it more in the B+ range and although I will not run out and buy it…I have quoted it.  LOL. 

So if you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and don’t mind a little nudity and vulgar I would say rent it!