Hit & Miss!

5 Jul

It has been awhile since we have done a hit or miss series and since I am still recovering from an awesome weekend I figured this would be a perfect time to kick up the tunes for the rest of the summer…


Oh Katy Perry you had me at I kissed a girl and now you have done it again.  I loveeeee this song and it has gotten me through multiple runs this summer.  I may not be a California gurl {well I was one for 6 weeks, does that count?!} but I certainly can appreciate this song! It is perfect for the summer and it just makes me want to dance. all the time.  just ask my husband-he may have been embarrased in a target when this song came on. just saying…pure hit for the summer! Oh and Snoop you still got it…good job backing up Miss Katy Perry!


Okay so as good as Snoop Dog is with Katy Perry he is baddddd in this cameo.  The beats are awful in the back and the lyrics are even worst.  Kinda sounds like a 13 year old boy singing with Snoop in the background rapping.  The rapping and the singing just don’t work together.  The song’s even say “I know this song is a little annoying, oh yeahh, but now i’m making dollars so I don’t really care…” Really because I care it is terrible. Please don’t give him money on itunes because he doesn’t care this song is CRAP! Oh…and he also says I have everyone saying “Oh yeaahh.” Ummmm I am sorry but Usher and Ludacris has me singing YEAHHH not you Jaicko. 

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