Making up with enchiladas…

21 Jul

So I have been a bad wife.  I will admit it right here on my blog because well it just is nice to let it out and say it out loud. 

My loving neurotic husband has only been the best when it comes to changing our lives because of a job. Yes, he likes order and routine and may or may not spaz when I try to be spontaneous BUT whenever it has come to me and job choices he has only been the best.  Every single job I have taken he hasn’t been able to see the area before me saying yes to a job.  Sure I will follow you to the middle of nowhere. Sure you want to go to a city that we commented on every single day when we were in the middle of nowhere because they were always on the news {and not the happy good news either if that is what you were thinking}. Anything for you babe is normally what comes out of his mouth.  Each time I had a job change we have to adjust to me having a new job and the stress surrounding the new job jitters  BUT we had to move because well my job requires you live on campus.   talk about the best husband, right?

So it would only be fair that I would be the best wife for when my husband changes jobs.  I thought so too until I realized that every time he has gotten a new job nothing has changed for me.  Sure things have changed for him like a longer/shorter commute or the population he would be working with or the type of job he would have–but I have been able to go about my business with very little change to my lifestyle or routine. Until now.

My husband got a new job 2 weeks ago and started last week and for the moment that he got the job I had this pit in my stomach.  I couldn’t figure it out because he was thrilled for the new position and was so happy to be changing jobs and moving up.  Still, I wasn’t as celebratory as I normally am and just kept being negative nelly.  He was again the best and let me vent concerns and he normally had an answer for my concerns and then I would say your right…your right…and say this will be great {still with the pit in my stomach}.  Then when he started the job last week I realized what the pit in my stomach was all about…I had to change because of his job and I didn’t like it one bit.  How dare you ask me to change for YOUR JOB!!! {OMG it sounds so awful but so so true of how I was feeling!}.  I don’t want to change…I love our life…don’t make me change.  That was the basis of all last week. 

Our routine was changing, the commute was stressful on me, the shift in what we had to spend money on changed, and seriously I was the one who was a spaz.  Normally the husband gets *some between 5-6pm most week days and we go to the gym together and then we cook and then we do whatever we want for the rest of the evening.  Nothing crazy–pretty simple.  We would stay up between 11pm-midnight and then do the whole routine over again.  Nowadays he gets home more like 6:15pm-7pm and so I have already gone to the gym and then start dinner and we eat together like normal and do our evening things but instead of going to bed at 11pm-midnight we are in bed around 10pm-10:30pm.  Seriously seeing that it is only small changes makes me sound ridiciulous {i know this} but seriously it was messing with me and I was hating every minute of it.  I was so conflicted because he was loving life and I was hating this new life.  ughhhhh.  He kept saying but we get our weekends back isn’t this wonderful…yes yes I know but I want our weekdays back! I don’t want to stress about 5 dollar parking a day, you killing yourself on rollerblades, should we try a bike for commuting.  Seriously my brain hurt every single day. 

Then I woke up yesterday and I realized I was being a bad wife. My husband has done nothing but change his whole life for me on multiple occasions. Changed all his plans for me just so he could see me happy and smiling again.  he has sacrificed graduate school dreams for me.  So the fact that I was whining, being negative nelly, and only bringing up stupid concerns every day was not being supportive and being the best wife I know I can be.  So I said whatever the commute is we will work it out, however we need to get you to the job you love we will figure it out even if it means a little less in our pockets.  If this means I have suck it up and go to the gym by myself and while I am cooking dinner you go to the gym–it will all be okay.  At least we are both sticking to staying healthy.  If this means we have to go to bed a little earlier than usual at least we get a little longer to cuddle with each other and perhaps play one more game of battleship in bed for a great compromise.  So what if I have to change and our lives change–we are both happy with our jobs and our lives and that is what matters.  Man life is so much better when you see the glass half full rather than half empty.  So after 10 days of fighting the change and being negative I turned over a new leaf and started fresh yesterday and positive. 

Then I was reminded I never made a congrats dinner for the hubby on the new job and some wine on the side to say CHEERS YOU ARE AWESOME!!! So yesterday I bought the ingredients for Pioneer Woman enchiladas  I told the husband to enjoy some TV while I made a delicious meal while apologizing for being negative and that I was truly happy for him–but change was harder for me then I thought it was going to be.  He of course forgave me {he has to because he is my husband fo life AND well I was cooking his food. haha}.

Instead of giving all the ingredients and such I am going to be sending you over to Pioneer Woman’s place because she explains it with pictures and everything {bow down to PW!}.  Some things I did differently though is–never used heavy cream that she asks for {still thick and creamy cheese sauce}.  I put all 3 green chile cans into the chicken mixture and I think I was suppose to put only 2 in the chicken mixture and THEN put the 3rd can into the cheese sauce that you put on top of the enchiladas. OOPS!!! It didn’t taste bad at all but something I would do differently.  I also would do twice the cheese sauce for on top (just double the ingredients).  The sauce coated the enchiladas, but not has much as PW’s and hers looked more saucy and delicious. I also put cilantro on the side and instead of picante sauce I did enchiladas sauce on the side so we could decide how much we wanted for our enchiladas. Worked out great!! PW states that is 45 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook–well for not a pro in the kitchen it took me an 1 hour/1 hour 15 minutes to prep and then 30 minutes to cook in the oven.  THIS IS NOT A QUICK MEAL!!! I was starving by the time we were eating it but it was totally worth it because the husband LOVED the meal and was so thankful for me putting in the time and effort to make it. Plus it made so many leftovers that we will be having these for the rest of the week for meals. HAHA!  

sorry my iphone had to take pictures because I was starving

So operation making up with enchiladas was a success and totally worth the work for a delicious “i am sorry” meal.  While looking around this morning I found ANOTHER PW enchilada recipe that is more of the traditional look of enchiladas.  I want to try this one out as well, but with the chicken it felt a little healthier of a meal {whether it was or not is still up for debate!}.  Hopefully this takes me from bad wife to not so bad wife…LOL.  

Oh and just to make sure he knew how sorry I was and to get back into the best wife ever category I had a note on his wallet this morning that said “here is 5 buckaroos so you can take the car to the train station today as a nice treat” xoxo best wifey ever.  It was a grand gesture because it was my last 5 dollars of my allowance–this was better use of the money then on a starbucks carmel light frappachino.  sweet love.

*i was going to delete this but it is too hilarious to completely erase it.  suppose to say gets home…


4 Responses to “Making up with enchiladas…”

  1. Nikki July 21, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    “Normally the husband gets some between 5-6pm most week days and we go to the gym together and then we cook and then we do whatever we want for the rest of the evening. ”

    That is awesome! my DH will move in with you for booty 5 nights a week, like scheduled!

  2. love1025 July 21, 2010 at 10:59 am #

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!! **gets some…” is suppose to be “gets HOME…” this is hilarious!!! 🙂 GOOD CATCH!!

  3. theclambroll July 21, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    lol I thought that was hilarious too!! 🙂 I’m glad you made it up to Steve…you good wifey you!!

  4. Nicole July 22, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Hee, hee. It’s tough being a good wife! But it sounds to me like you’re doing just great! 🙂

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