27 Jul

First off my sleeping patterns have been off the past couple days and so I have been dragging this entire week.  I feel a little better today although I still had wake up call at 4:30am but still feel behind and in a fog so I thought I would share some great things around the blogosphere that I read on a weekly basis. 

this is an awesome sale by one of my favorite designer from oh, hello friend.  Her items are so dainty and affordable and her blog is to die for.  I warn you in advance if you head over to her blog because you will be mezmorized by all the beauty on her blog.  So she is having a buy 1 get 1 FREE sale! I am on a tight budget with the hubs heading to grad school or I would snatch up a necklace or two over at her shop.   There are only a few items left so head on over and the instructions on how to pay are on her blog–

the two items I would buy:

look into the window - alice in wonderland glass bottle necklace, with key.


you're in my heart - scalloped edge 'i love you' language heart.
Other giveaways around the blogs…
+ all those mommas and poppas to be awesome birth announcements {$100 giveaway!}
+ awesome framed art which would be lovely in a kitchen plus giving away inspirational home books
+ you choose what you want with this giveaway $60 gift certificate to CSN store. YAY!
+ $200 buckaroos on your paypal account {helloooo I come!}
+oh and if these giveaways aren’t enough on Sept. 15-16 there is a blogomania giveaway with prizes worth at least $100 each. Stop on by to check it out!
hope you are feeling lucky today!


  1. Nicole July 28, 2010 at 7:01 am #

    I’m afraid to go check it out… Will I be able to hold myself back? Ha, ha. That necklace is so pretty!

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