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25 Aug

just another quick post…

I was looking at my blog this morning before I headed out to get my staff breakfast and I realized I haven’t changed the book I am reading all summer long.

want to know why?

because I have been reading this ONE BOOK FOR MONTHS ON END.

and sadly I am only really half way through.

it is not a hard read, it is kinda interesting, but it just never grabbed my attention and I am not one to just let a book linger.  It is my never give up mentality that just makes me finish a book unless it is the worst book ever and I could care less about it, but seriously even then I have only done it once.  {The Road, Cormac McCarthy}

the saddest part is that there are a ton of books I want to read, but I keep telling myself not until the Weight of Silence is completed.

so I am making a deal with myself because I need to move on from this book….and soon. If I am not done by the end of September I am just going to give up on it and have someone tell me the ending so I can move on with my leisure reading. 

anyone else pick up a book that lasts forever and a day to read but can’t move on from it??


I’m LOST!!

24 Aug

I am crazy busy BUT that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my calendar pop up tell me that the entire LOST DVD set is out….TODAY!!!!!

I knowwwwwww. awesome, right??!!!!

why are you still reading?? grab your keys and go an buy it!!!!

normally I would give a top 10 of reasons why you need this tv show butttt notthis week.

this week all I can say is that tv show is like no other. it is amazing. tons of twists. tons of adventures. tons of questions. and just tons of mindblowing episodes!!!

my husband and I are already planning our lost weekend in October….AHHH!!

so freaking excited!!!

any lostie lovers out there?? please comment about what you loveeee about Lost so we can other people to share in the awesomeness of awesome

I know you will all enjoy getting LOST in the experience….

so now you should really be out the door!!!

is it sept 1 yet???

#46 never felt so good…

23 Aug

my life has been a ball of chaos.  it always is during the month of August.  The last 3 weeks of August I am always training students, developing a team, creating a happy environment for the residents, and also moving in thousands of students all while trying to have somewhat of a routine and life.

it never really works out. normally the routine and life get thrown out the window by Day 2 and my husband doesn’t see his wife for almost a month. we always look foward to September 1. LOL.

well this year is different.  this year is better.  Although I am home late and up early and we are just two people passing each other by on the way to work I have been able to have a little bit of a life and somewhat of a routine.  I have watched a movie with the husband, gone out for drinks, went shopping, and have sat down with a glass of wine in the last 3 weeks.

Not taking life so seriously {my motto for the upcoming year} in August has helped with the stress level.  Also training for a half marathon during these last 3 weeks has also shown me that when I put my mind to it I can find the time.  I can have a life and keep a routine even with really long days and nights.

So as I sit here are 7:29am and only 1 more minute to write on this blog before another long week I am proud to say that I accomplished something BIG for me during this crazy time and I am still amazed.

#46 complete 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping.

I can check that one off the list and it NEVER felt SO GOOD!! Seriously amazing feeling that I have been working since I started couch to 5k back in November. 

I have been close a couple of times but never 3 miles and 30 minutes.

I am training for a half marathon and so my speed has been slower but the distance has gotten greater but with not much time to run in these past 3 weeks I have gone back to the 30 minute runs during the week and TODAY at 7:05AM I rounded the last .1 mile on the track and hit 3 miles and 30 minutes.  I was with my running partner and we both were in complete shock.  Who would have thunk I would complete this goal in the middle of my busy season at work??!!!!

He said to me as we were leaving the gym..”if I wasn’t there to actually see I wouldn’t believe it” HAHAHA!!!

I feel like I need to toast with my bottle of water with someone and besides my husband who I immediately called I knew I wanted to share the moment with my bloggers.  You have seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to my fitness and so I couldn’t do it without all of you.  Thank you for listening, being there to hear all my loafty goals, and cheering me on to complete my goal.

Now lets hope in 2 months I complete goal #51…here’s hoping!

so now that I am over my blog time by 7 minutes I literally have to run outta herrrrreeeee….

{ps i only have 1 more week of craziness so excuse this blog for a week. I will be back with more awesomeness soon!! Hang in there!!}

little things…

18 Aug


a toast to the little things when your life is just a 14 hour run on sentence…

waking up 30 minutes later today

enjoying a beach ball donut

and not counting the calories

the sun hitting my face

and realizing it may not soon

eating lunch from my favorite lunch place

i heart panera

seeing the husband in the middle of the day

jammin’ to a song at the top of my lungs

closing my eyes even if it is for 6.2 seconds

listening to stories of our days while doozing off

under a cozy warm blanket

crawling into bed with newly cleaned sheets

{that the hubby put on our bed for us}

for thinking about a time

when the days were shorter

and the nights were longer

bring back summer


Guest Posting!

17 Aug

head on over to my BFF’s blog HERE as I am guest blogging about traveling while she is traveling around the world…

hope you are having a drink for me girl!


Speaking of games..

17 Aug



play two intense picnic games of volleyball this weekend and I am fine. Diving in a skirt? no problem.  Bumpin’ and spikin’ it. no biggie.

play 1 game of indoor volleyball {staff vs. students} in where I touch the ball maybe twice because we had a crazed staff member all of the court.  yet I “tweak” my knee.

I know exactly where I did it. Front court. Right side.  Thinking I was going for the ball but see it is going out of bounds so I stop myself. On the new waxed volleyball court and so my foot did a little skid action. and there is where I tweaked it.

so stupid with 8 weeks to running my marathon.

I thought I was just going to run it off but I was sitting with my legs crossed on the grass earlier and it was a little painful/achy.


so I am going to take it easy today and do some icing and hopefully I get in a light run this week before my 8 mile run this weekend.

please tell me that it will all be fine and I wake up and my knee is all better and I will be back to my long runs in no time.

anyone else with “tweaked” limbs before? Any suggestions besides stop doing activities that could hurt my chances of running this race???!!!

Life is a game

16 Aug

I love games.

I love competitions.

I love laughing at myself during games. okay laughing at others too!!

As I am watching my staff do icebreakers and hearing the laughter I am reminded that bonding of complete strangers can happen over simple games.

My top 5 games of the summer have been:

1. ladderball. if you have 20 dollars and 20 feet of outside land you need to get your hands on this game. we have played it two weekends in a row and it is seriously and it is addicting.

2. battleship. whether it is the board game or my iPhone app I love playing this competitive game. we upgraded mid summer to battleship pro and never have looked back. I play with my husband at least once a week if not more. right now my goal is to sink all ships in 7 moves against the computer. Me: 0 Computer:1

3. Words with friends. it is an iPhone app and I just discovered it a couple weeks ago. scrabble against real friends who also have an iPhone or itouch. pretty dang awesome if you ask me. you take your time and the iPhone tells you when it is your turn. I need more friends who have iPhones so I can play more games!! right now I am winning two word with friends games! HOLLA!

4. Haven’t played these two games this summer but they are in my all time favorite get together games. pop 5 and the game of things. both must haves for entertaining and both will bring laughter to any group! I want to play these right now!!

5. Spades or really any card games. outside, inside, by myself or with others this has kept me entertained for hours. one of the reasons I can’t get through my latest summer book because I am too busy playing spades. I heart it and you should too 🙂

so there you have it my must have games for the summer! anyone else love games? have certain friends/family members you always play games with?

Happy Monday!!!