Friday Foto!

6 Aug

best friends.

not afraid to do the macarena in a crowded room

not afraid to tell me phrases such as “seriously…”

not afraid to tell me my choice in movies is moronic

and next time I need to just watch Boondock Saints

not afraid to let time go by

because we always pick up where we left off

as we have gotten older time together has been farther apart

but it is a great time in our lives as two married old biddys LOL

and the time we do share together is awesome, relaxed,  funny, okay more like hilarious

like what best friend time should be like

this weekend is best friend time with our best friend husbands

life is good









One Response to “Friday Foto!”

  1. theclambroll August 6, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    haha awesome!! can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!!! 🙂

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