Life is a game

16 Aug

I love games.

I love competitions.

I love laughing at myself during games. okay laughing at others too!!

As I am watching my staff do icebreakers and hearing the laughter I am reminded that bonding of complete strangers can happen over simple games.

My top 5 games of the summer have been:

1. ladderball. if you have 20 dollars and 20 feet of outside land you need to get your hands on this game. we have played it two weekends in a row and it is seriously and it is addicting.

2. battleship. whether it is the board game or my iPhone app I love playing this competitive game. we upgraded mid summer to battleship pro and never have looked back. I play with my husband at least once a week if not more. right now my goal is to sink all ships in 7 moves against the computer. Me: 0 Computer:1

3. Words with friends. it is an iPhone app and I just discovered it a couple weeks ago. scrabble against real friends who also have an iPhone or itouch. pretty dang awesome if you ask me. you take your time and the iPhone tells you when it is your turn. I need more friends who have iPhones so I can play more games!! right now I am winning two word with friends games! HOLLA!

4. Haven’t played these two games this summer but they are in my all time favorite get together games. pop 5 and the game of things. both must haves for entertaining and both will bring laughter to any group! I want to play these right now!!

5. Spades or really any card games. outside, inside, by myself or with others this has kept me entertained for hours. one of the reasons I can’t get through my latest summer book because I am too busy playing spades. I heart it and you should too 🙂

so there you have it my must have games for the summer! anyone else love games? have certain friends/family members you always play games with?

Happy Monday!!!


One Response to “Life is a game”

  1. Nicole August 17, 2010 at 7:08 am #

    I’ve never heard of ladderball, but I need to look into it. I’ve been trying to find some good outdoor games for the yard…

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