Speaking of games..

17 Aug



play two intense picnic games of volleyball this weekend and I am fine. Diving in a skirt? no problem.  Bumpin’ and spikin’ it. no biggie.

play 1 game of indoor volleyball {staff vs. students} in where I touch the ball maybe twice because we had a crazed staff member all of the court.  yet I “tweak” my knee.

I know exactly where I did it. Front court. Right side.  Thinking I was going for the ball but see it is going out of bounds so I stop myself. On the new waxed volleyball court and so my foot did a little skid action. and there is where I tweaked it.

so stupid with 8 weeks to running my marathon.

I thought I was just going to run it off but I was sitting with my legs crossed on the grass earlier and it was a little painful/achy.


so I am going to take it easy today and do some icing and hopefully I get in a light run this week before my 8 mile run this weekend.

please tell me that it will all be fine and I wake up and my knee is all better and I will be back to my long runs in no time.

anyone else with “tweaked” limbs before? Any suggestions besides stop doing activities that could hurt my chances of running this race???!!!


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