What really is “normal”?

1 Sep

I ask this every time it turns September 1st.  Every time I complete another training/move in.  Every time the tide shifts from 16-18 hour days back to 8-10 hour days.  Everytime I think that August is the fastest and slowest month of the year.

I always ask…What really is normal for me?

Is it a trip to Walmart at 9:30pm to pick up 11 cases of water, 4 packages of hooks, 2 packages of velcro, a package of chalk, and 4 styrofoam containers? Is it a trip to the Boston Aquarium on a weekday with students?   Is it a trip to the local gas station at 6:00am to pick up 12 bags of ice in the morning?  Is it that 6:30am is sleeping in for me?  Is it touching over 500+ keys over the course of a 10 day period? Is it wearing a sailor hat and being okay with it because 136 other people are wearing the same exact hat? Is it spending 6+ hours on a slideshow to almost not being able to show it? Is it stretching yourself in the morning to be “a morning person” so that your team is motivated at 7:00am?  Is it spending a whole day in a garage until your feet get blisters?


{it might have been normal to live off of summer splash donuts…just saying}

In the last three weeks these are all things that just seemed like “normal” tasks for my job and without blinking they all got done.  without a thought.  August begins and you realize that your life isn’t your own and that your job is what matters because the students are what matter in my job.  It is realizing that even when you have important family coming into town that it is virtually impossible to take any time in August for me.  It is realizing that even though I wanted to climb that mountain that taking a day and a half out of my weekend would just never work.  Is it trying to fit in long runs on a Friday at 5am because the weekends are jam packed with work? Even when I get out of work my conversations are wrapped around work because I have been working for so many hours I don’t know how to shut it off and I don’t realize that it is now time to sleep or relax.  I had dreams about keys, training, move-in, oversleeping.    

Until September 1st that is.

Then I go back to my “normal” routine of getting up at the same time. Doing the same routine.  Pouring my same cup of coffee I did in July.  Going into work at the same time.  Drinking my coffee and catching up on my emails and blogs.  Helping out with events, having meetings, emailing my staff, keeping deadlines in order, and working on the next program for our building.  In a blink of an eye this routine now seems “normal” and August seems like some crazy frenzy of a dream that happened but the details are a blur.  This morning it seems outlandish that a week ago I was already at work for 4 hours and already hauled items, ran errands, bought breakfast for 12 people, and presented a session. REALLY?! How did I think that was normal for a month?

Now with my husband starting grad school today {congrats babe!!} what will be my new normal? What will be our new normal? What will be a normal weekend and weeknight be like for me now? for us? What will the next 2-3 years feel like.  Will helping my husband study be normal? Reading over a paper of his be normal? Watching a movie by myself be normal? Going to bed before my husband because he is studying be normal? Will I feel uber lazy and figure out a new hobby and that be my new normal?

These are all of the things that I am thinking of as I get out of my abnormal month of August and hopefully ease into a semi-normal September…

Anyone else go through reflections of what normal is to you? as a couple? as a family?   {or am i just ABNORMAL?! HAHA}



oh and of course blogging and sharing my life and thoughts with people will always seem normal…


One Response to “What really is “normal”?”

  1. Nicole September 2, 2010 at 6:53 pm #

    Sometimes, I like to think about what’s normal… Because I look at those moments and think, “Awwww, me and the hubby are starting our own traditions together.” Other times I think, “If I have to go into the office one more time, I’ll scream!” Ha, ha. I like normal with a touch of the unfamiliar, just to spice things up. 🙂

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