2 Sep

I woke up to someone’s facebok stating “Happy 90210 Day!!” and seriously it made me beam.  My entire middle school and high school can be wrapped up in one single TV show…90210.  For 10 years I loved my Wednesdays not because of Modern Family but because of 90210!!!

so it is only appropriate that I give a shout out to my favorite show of the 90s…

starting from top left: Kelly, Andrea, Brenda, Donna

starting bottom left: Steve, Brandon, Dylan, David

“I am jammin’ to the theme song in my head as we speak.”  IT ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

For those who have never watched the TV show {ehem my BFF} here is a small recap.  There were two twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their family who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, CA.  Brandon and Brenda started off in high school and met some pretty awesome people–Kelly, Dylan, Steve, Andrea, David, and Donna.  They were a clique at Beverly Hills High School and they went through a ton of stuff together–makeups, breakups, love triangles, teen pregnancy, cheating, plagerism,  fights, losses, drugs, alcohol, sex, virginity, etc.  Every epsisode we were all our seats just waiting to figure out what would happen next to our beloved characters.  THe Kelly/Dylan/Brenda dynamic was so awesome and probably the best love triangle EVER.  David and Donna holding out until marriage was great and I will not lie I rewatched the episode where Donna finally decides to give herself to David ohhh i don’t know 4.5 million times!  Dylan was the badass, David was the “cool guy”, Steve was the “funny rich guy”, and  Brandon was the “nice guy who never got the girl” although I loved Brandon and Kelly together.  Andrea the nerd but still hung out with the cool people.   All of these characters I just loved loved loved for 10 entire years….

My favorite character was:

Valerie!!! She came on the scene in the 4th season to be the new girl on the block since Shannon {who played Brenda} got FIRED! I just thought she was so fiesty and confident and was a great addition to the 90210 team!! I loved her in all the epsisodes she did and she was my favorite character on the show!

So a shout out to all those ladies out there who watched the series finales with tears in their eyes wishing for ONE MORE YEAR!! My senior year is when this show ended and it was fitting that one era was gone as another one was just starting.  When this show aired I was young, still living at home, dreaming of getting a car, getting grounded,  hanging out at the mall and worrying about homework and boys. Today 10 years post 90210 it is great to reflect on all that I have done in the last 10 years–college years, grad school, meeting new and bestest of friends, meeting the love of my life, getting married, trips and many adventures it was a great day to reflect on the young girl I once was while watching the famous 90210 show and wishing I could go to Beverly Hills High one day… 

The REAL 90210 will always have a place in my heart ❤ {because honestly I hate that they did a spin off…ughh}


2 Responses to “9.02.10”

  1. theclambroll September 3, 2010 at 9:25 am #

    Additional question from the non-90210 watcher. Is it just me, or is Andrea easily 15 years older than the rest of her classmates?

  2. love1025 September 3, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    HAHAHAHA…yes she was actually much older then the rest of them–29 years old when the show started! wow and now that you mention it she does look much older then the rest! 🙂

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