Thoughts of a Runner

8 Sep

Remember this post from August??

How happy I was that I accomplished this feat-3 miles in 30 minutes.

Well with all the long distance running that I have been doing the 3 mile run has been put on the back burner a bit.

until this morning.

I thought I was going to be going on a run but a lighter run with my running 5k partner in crime co-worker. 

I needed to stretch my legs before my longest run ever this weekend.

9 miles. gosh I am cringing at the thought already and it is only Wednesday.

so I get on the track with my partner in crime already have run a lap.

I am huffing and puffing and sweating by 1/2 a mile

we pick it up even more as I am trying to slow it down

but feeling guilty so picking up the speed again

by mile 2 I thought to myself these can’t be 11 minute miles that I am use to

if so I am really in trouble for this 1/2 marathon because I am feeling the mileage already

could I do another 3 miles in 30 minutes again?

was that time in August really not a fluke as I once thought it was?

Am I going to be able to make it with this speed for the last mile or die first?

As I finished mile 2 I looked down to see that it was a 9:10 mile.

holy crap no wonder I am feeling this pain.

I ask my partner at the beginning of 3 miles how much time we have left

he states 10 minutes

totally doable

we can do this again I whisper to myself

we get to 2.5 miles and I am feeling energized

as I speed up for that last 1/2 mile I know in my heart I am going to make it

I know in my heart that 3 miles in 30 minutes wasn’t a fluke

that I am getting stronger as the weeks go by

last mile  was done in 8:04

finished 3 miles in 28:32

I totally kicked 30 minutes arse around the track

I feel like a rockstar.

I feel amazing.

I feel like a cheetah x 2

bring it 9 miles.


One Response to “Thoughts of a Runner”

  1. theclambroll September 9, 2010 at 8:52 am #

    Rock on girlie!!! Keep up the good work, you are doing awesome!

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