Chicken Recipe!

16 Sep

So I haven’t put any recipes on this blog in a really long time. Wanna know why??

nope it isn’t because I am holding out on all the delicious food I have been cooking…

it is because I haven’t cooked a darn thing since beginning of August.

this is no joke people.

I have not cooked in it feels like decades!!! I can’t even remember the last meal I cooked and mac and cheese totally does not count!

So now that it was time to start cooking again I was at a loss for words or for what I wanted to cook so I went to my favorite cooking blog Pioneer Woman and hoped to find something having to do with chicken.

Now she does the recipe recaps WAYYYY  better than I do so I am going to cheat and just send you to Pioneer Woman’s blog to get the recipe but I am going to add some of what I did differently.

Here is the recipe: Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic

Okay so some things I did differently is that I didn’t have legs so I just did chicken breasts and that worked magically.  I love white meat so much better but I would consider doing this meal with chicken thighs. I also used just tomato paste and diced tomatoes in a can and that worked out perfectly as well.  1 8 ounce tomato paste and a 16 oz diced tomatoes and it was actually a thick sauce. Pioneer Woman stated it would be thin but it actually came out pretty thick and sauce like. 

Because I was just using what I had I didn’t use fresh ingredients like she did but the flavors were really great and I didn’t use Sage and you couldn’t tell the difference.  I also had to use minced garlic rather than whole because we didn’t have any whole garlic around.  I bet it would have tasted better with whole but could get the flavor of the garlic nonetheless.  I actually put some garlic powder on the chicken to add more garlic flavor when I was cooking it on the stove because we didn’t have the whole garlic cloves. 

I also don’t have one of those awesome pots that she has but I did have a round casserole dish that was great in the oven that I used although I didn’t think the top could be used in the oven so I put the meal in topless {giggle giggle} and put it in their for an hour and it still cooked great!! WOOT WOOT!

I put it over pasta and it was really delcious!!! both the hubs and myself enjoyed it and I mostly think the hubs enjoyed not eating out of a take out box anymore.  We were both crazy busy, plus I get free meals at the diining hall, and I have been eating alone so lucky charms and waffles have been my friend. Oh the college days…

Here is what my meal looked like–don’t judge me for all the cheese on my plate.  It kinda came out fast from the lid and there was NO stopping the cheese.  HAHA!!!

tonight I am cooking again {watch out people–TWO nights in a row!!}


One Response to “Chicken Recipe!”

  1. Nicole September 17, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    You sound like me!! I haven’t been cooking much either. (sad face). That recipe looks great though, and I’ll have to try it!!

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