Traveling Day

20 Sep

hi bloggers!!

so I am sitting in the airport waiting for me to board the plane for a day of flying! it has been such a whirlwind bunch of weekends in september and we still have 1 to go! by far flying to California for the weekend has been one of my more spontaneous weekend acts I have done but I loved it and it definately can be done!!

I didn’t feel like it was a rushed weekend and I was able to fit in a ton with a short amount of days. thank you friend!!

some tips for a weekend trip that involves a flight:

1. pick a flight coming into your destination that you can still use some hours THAT day. I arrived at 5pm Friday so I was able to have dinner, gossip and fun with my friend even though I was traveling that day. it definately extended my trip.

2. don’t do crack of dawn flights if you don’t enjoy the 5am hour. by the time you recover from the lack of sleep it will be time to come home and you will be exhausted.

3. stay with friends and go to places where you know people so you don’t end up spending major money on that weekend since you had to pay for flights. if not, get a great flight + hotel package so you are paying very little for hotel.

4. set an amount that you want to spend and take it out in cash (as long as it is not a HUGE amount bc you don’t want to travel with large amounts of cash). I took out a small amount and I used it throughout the weekend with some to spare. I swiped my card very little and it made me feel I was doing my fun weekend on a budget.

5. carry on bag! I couldn’t get a great deal on southwest so my airlines would make me pay at least $25 dollars a trip and so that would have added an expensive expense for just a weekend getaway. if you are staying with friends-forego some of your items you might take on a longer trip. get it to fit in a carry on!!!

6.stay positive and try to relax and enjoy your trip. I really tried to soak in the moments faster and love all the things we were doing because in a flag I would be back at work behind a desk wishing I relaxed a bit more on my weekend. look up at stars, take in the summer breeze, enjoy the taste food. try to relax and breathe and enjoy and smile.

7. research research and find good deals. the deals are out there and especially if you are flexible what weekend you do for your getaway you can find flights on the cheap! I was dilegent because I wanted to go out to California but I wasn’t going to break the bank for a weekend especially since the hubs couldn’t go. once I found a deal I jumped on it! don’t do too much deliberation because you could lose the deal. it some times pays to be spontaneous!!

*if the airline asks if anyone can give up their seats for extra $$ weigh the options. on one hand you will have less time to enjoy your weekend getaway and more time in a crowded airport. on the other hand it would give you another trip on a plane for FREE which would give you a getaway or vacation travel for free!

hope everyone has a chance to getaway and enjoy new experience!

and because a blog post is better with a picture…goodbye beautiful California!


2 Responses to “Traveling Day”

  1. Nicole September 21, 2010 at 7:04 am #

    Loved #6. There’s nothing worse than getting back from a vacation and realizing that you rushed through everything. I will need to remember this when I go on vacation in a couple of weeks. Enjoy every moment!!

  2. love1025 September 21, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    yay for vacations!!! yes you totally need to take some time to unwind especially with your hectic work schedule 🙂

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