Jet Lagged

21 Sep

I am a little jet lagged on this Tuesday so it is going to be a day of randoms on my blog because right now I am feeling a little random…

1. I went to my mailbox today and it has been about a week since I made the visit and I was pleasantly surprised with my bridesmaid shoes {EKKK for this weekend, thank god they came in and they fit!}, and our gift cards from our credit card rewards program so we can purchase the hubs bday gift/anniversary gift! Then bills…but I skimmed right over them and tried on my shoes.  Here are the shoes I purchased last minute at JCPenny’s online and they didn’t make me pay for shipping and handling! TA-DA! Great heel, Great fit and perfect for a wedding…thanks JCP!

2. I am coming back to work on my long day. BIG NO NO. and you would think I would learn my lesson but I am out next Monday as well.  Tuesday is the day I work 8:30am-10pm {cringing as I type}.  So I of course after a trip I want to unpack my bags, clean my place up, do the dishes that didn’t get done by the hubs this weekend, and make a meal. nope not today–I will have to wait another day to even make a dent in any of those items.  oh well california was BOMB and chores will still be there 24 hours from now.

3. I have a credit card that I use for work items and my balance for last month was $2,011.82.  I am a ShOPPER at heart so it gives me great pleasure to spend other people’s money.  Yes I have to balance this month’s statement today but hey at least I don’t have to shell out the cash for this credit card.   Looking at the statement just makes me laugh–phones, glitter sticks, IHOP breakfast, 10 bags of ice, markers. HAHA. oh student affairs how you make me giggle sometimes. 

4. Being pregnant is kinda of a big deal.  I haven’t had someone close to me have a child in about 8 years and so seeing all the decisions that my good friend was making and getting advice and going through so many changes with her body {hot flashes anyone?} it made me realize…WHOA it is totally a big deal.  I always knew it but sometimes you see Teen Mom, or 16 and pregnant or random people who you think really they are parents?! and you start to think it is easy decision or simple and a voice in my head says…hmmm I can totally do this right now.  So it was nice to see my friend and realize how life changing, and how big of a deal it really is, but also how amazing the experience will be when we one day make that leap into being parents. I am thankful for the 48 hour baby bonanaza and it definately makes me think of future decisions I will be making…

5.  Bye Bye Babies R Us. {one more baby item} So we went to a Buy Buy Baby over the weekend and I have heard of them and we actually have one near us but sans baby I never gave it much thought.  Until this weekend when I stepped into this dreamy world of Buy Buy Baby.  It was awesome to see all the options but probably more awesome if I was actually going to need any of those items in the future.  It was clean, endless options, coupons galore, and well much more stock in everything in every color/design/shape.  Just add it to another thing I want near me when I have kids–if you have small babies/toddlers seek this out because you wont regret it!

6. Most of my California pictures are from my iphone and most of them are in regards to food.  Since I have been there before and it was almost home to us last year we almost forget the beauty of the landscape although every time I was on the highway this weekend and saw the mountains I was beaming.  Northern California is beautiful and when you first get off the plane and onto the road you are immediately hit with its beautiful landscape.  I didn’t get proper pictures to show people of this but the next time we go in December I promise more about California and less on food.  but the food is awesome and totally worth documenting. Jamba Juice anyone? Mexican? Guacamole? Togos? Frozos?

7. You need a job? Want to relocate to a different area? Get on a plane on a Friday and a Monday and you are bound to get some tips on jobs. no joke! On my way down there I met some people who could potencially help out in the future if we wanted to move to California.  On the way back I met someone who could potencially help out in the future with Boston or relocating as well.  Just people willing to give their business cards, emails, give advice.  I amost want to say I could write this off as a business trip because lots of business transactions were happening on the flights.  WHO KNEW??!!!! I mean we both have jobs and aren’t really looking but seriously never hurts to put yourself out there and see what the universe gives back.  So yea if you are looking to move to Texas hop on a flight to Texas and mingle with your neighbor on the flight…

Hope everyone has a great day and I hope to get myself back on track with the time change!


One Response to “Jet Lagged”

  1. Nicole September 22, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Awww, cute shoes!!!

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