Book Review: Um, Finally?

29 Sep

as my husband would put it…”are you done with that book YET?!’

and well finally I can say YES and under my goal of before September ends!!!

you probably remember me complaining about said book here and I decided to bring it on my trip to California a couple weeks ago.  TWO 8+ hour flights surely should get me through the last 120 pages, right?

barely.  I barely finished this book even while trapped on a plane and not much to do.

Here are my book ratings just as a reminder since it has been SO LONG since I reviewed a book: 0-4 star rating.  {0} = oh gosh I didn’t finish the book it was THAT bad. {1} I finished the book, but not before it took a piece of my soul! HA! {2} average book and it was somewhat enjoyable. plot, characters, or ending could have been better. {3} really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to someone looking for a new book to read {4} blew my socks off! Couldn’t put the book down and probably didn’t speak to my husband or go to bed until it was finished! fabulous!

So as you can guess I gave this book 1 measly star {*}. 

I think in this case though the book only getting one star had more to do with me than with anything to do with the book.  It wasn’t poor writing, and it did have a good plot–I just couldn’t get into this book.  I am not a huge history buff and so that took a little time for me to sift through at the beginning.  Then once I got used to the history aspect of the book it was too back and forth from past and future and I was almost always confused.  Also the names of the people in the past were very similiar to the people in the future {on purpose maybe to show similiarities in past and future maybe??}–but that got me even more confused.  What kept me going besides never liking to stop books half way through was it was a sort of mystery and trying to figure out what happens to the characters in the past and in the future.  I think with all the confusion I just never got the rhythm of the book and never felt the need to keep reading.  I will say though if you pick up the book–the ending will not dissappoint.  After the months of reading this book I felt some validation in holding strong and reading the book because it was very thought provoking. 

Anyone else read this book? Any thoughts on it?


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