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7 year itch!

29 Oct

Earlier this week the hubs and I celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary! It wasn’t until around 4pm that my husband mentioned the anniversary (and I felt like an idiot for forgetting it!) and  so we had a spontaneous mini celebration after his class with a favorite homecook meal!  Normally I have this awesome countdown and October is crazy special to us and this year with the work and class schedule it just flew by and before I knew the 25th was passing us by! {and I totally wanted to buy a funny back scratcher for our 7 year anniversary because of the “7 year itch” motto}.  All I am itching to do is spend the next few decades with the hubs. ❤

A lot happens within 7 years…graduating college, graduating grad school, deaths & births, weddings of family and friends, moving jobs, moving across country, vacations, birth of our lovely niece, 6 thanksgivings and holidays together, our wedding, our honeymoon, and many more memories that makes me thankful to have him by myside for all 2, 555 days we have spent together as a couple.  it truly is amazing.

So in honor of 7 years I thought I would share 7 things I love about my husband {in no particular order}:

1. That every morning before he gets out of bed there is always a good morning with a good morning kiss.

2. No matter if we are eating Mac N’ Cheese out of a box or a gourmet Sunday dinner he always raving about what I cook.

3. He always lets me watch Oprah whenever I want

4. He thinks my jokes are funny {most of the time}

5. No matter how much I plan out our weekends he is always up for a roadtrip

6.  He puts up with my comments such as “Does this make me look fat?”, “Gosh, I am having a fat day!”, or any comment involving the words big, frumpy, fat, or large.

7. He loves me sick, he loves me grumpy, he loves me in sweatpants, he loves me without makeup, he loves me at my worst.

And because it is Friday Foto I can’t leave this post without some pictures….here are some pictures through the years…




27 Oct

Please forgive me for the two day lag of my blog in the middle of the week. That almost never happens around here BUT life is so crazy/whirlwind this week it took me completely off guard. Big projects at work, to do lists that take me into the night, and with a lot of working that happened on the weekend I am beat. Beat to the max.

I am so beat I am sitting on the couch typing this on my iPhone rather than get my lazy butt up and type on my desktop right behind me. Seriously beat.

So I will hopefully be back tommorrow and if not definately Friday!!

PSst: the hubs and I just celebrated 7 years being together and I forgot. The hubs had to remind me-I am THAT busy & beat.

A little hockey spirit from this weekend in the VIP area 🙂

All I want for Christmas is…YOU!

25 Oct

{and perhaps a few of the items below}

I know that it is almost Halloween but I like to just skip over this holiday {sorry S!} because I always get way too giddy about Thanksgiving and Christmas way too early.  Don’t get me wrong fall is great, themed events are great, black and orange are equally great–but living around college students makes it not so great.

Normally when I see the halloween costumes in the store and all the halloween decor I think about putting up my Christmas tree {is this normal?!?}.  This year has been no different and I may have already listened to a Christmas song to feel the cheer.

Every year the hubs and my family asks for a list of what I really want for Christmas.  Normally this completely stumps me because there isn’t much that we NEED and anything that I want I normally buy before the holiday even gets here.  With us buying a new TV this year we feel even more blessed and that Christmas has already arrived at our house, but if I don’t make a list and check it twice family members end up saying “you should have given us a list” on Christmas morning as I open up car fresheners. I joke I joke. But really I normally procrastinate this list and then pick a couple random items that I didn’t really want but hey they came into my head at the moment and sure why not!

This year with getting better with our budgeting {minus the TV!} I really wanted to think about some items that I would eventually really really REALLY want to purchase and put in my online shopping bag about 4.5 billion times before pressing the purchase button.  I wanted make my list by choosing items this year that have been on my mind for more than just a few seconds while browsing–but really some items I have been thinking about for months.

So without further ado, here is my I have been a good girl this year Christmas list. For my families they sometimes like to get a lot of smaller items to open up or then like the suspense of one big gift.  So my gifts range from $ to $$$.




#1 the thing I need to take my running to the next level: Garmin Forerunner 405 {i love the green!}

#2 the thing I need to take my photography to the next level: 50mm 1.4
#3 the thing I need to stay cozy during a fall bonfire: Gap Shawl Cardigan

#4 the thing I need to be better with time management: Casio Watch

#5 the thing I need to get all my recipes in one place and organized: Recipe Keeper

#6 the thing I need to get my booty in shape and looking good while doing it: Nike Tempo Shorts

#7: the thing I need to feed my healthy obsession with cardigans in the fall and winter: Tanks

#8 the thing I need to help my indulgence with makeup products: Laura Mercier Foundation Set

#9 the thing I need to also help feed my slightly crazy obsession with cardigans: Ruffled Cardigan

#10 the thing that might put me over the edge to try tunics and leggings: Power Purple Tunic

#11 the thing that will transition me from winter to spring in no time: more tanks!

#12 the thing that will help me give a shout out to my favorite state: Go California!

#13 the thing that will keep me stylish and comfortable on the weekends: colored t-shirts

#14 the thing that will keep me young {plus my absolute favorite Disney movie!}: Beauty & the Beast

#15 the thing to keep my morning regimen going: Origins Toner

Anyone else make a Christmas list or do you leave that up to the kiddies? What is on your most wanted list for the holiday season? Is it too early for Christmas? {don’t worry you can tell me..haha}

Friday Foto!

22 Oct


my weekend is filled with work

and early mornings

with a fun run mixed in

we look fierce, right? HAHA

have a great weekend!

It’s 10:00pm, do you know where your children are?

21 Oct

{storytelling time}

Back in the day my mom would hearthe commercial ” It’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?” commercial right before the news and every night she would yell up to both of us saying “Heyyyyyy kids where are you?” and before we would or even could respond she would laugh at her own joke.  Normally my sister and I would say “we are upstairs mommmmmm–duhhhh”–but sometimes we would be creative and say “not here leave a message.”

it was the running joke in the house.

Until we got to the age where we would be out and about at 10pm and so then my mom would call and leave a voicemail at 10pm saying the same thing and see us home at curfew.  oh mom you are just so funny.

One night my mom fell asleep at the usual 10pm call/yell up the stairs and so she woke up in a panic later in the night wondering where her kids were.  She immediately called my cellphone and continued you say  “where are you? why aren’t you home? it is wayyy past curfew!” Groggy and not sure what was going on I wake up and look at the clock and it was around 1:00am.  It took me a couple minutes to figure out what was going on as I had been sound asleep.  My mom again is like “WHERE ARE YOUUUU??!!!” and then I finally say–“mom what are you talking about–I am upstairs and sleeping!!”

she never has lived this story down in our house.  oh mom once again you are so funny!

this ritual lasted years and years until we were out of the house and up at college and not so easily accessible–plus my mom probably didn’t want to know where I was at college at 10pm on most nights {i’m at the library mom-i swear!}.  The ritual died down and eventually it was a funny story to tell at parties.

until yesterday when my mommacita writes a really funny email to both my sister and I at 10AM (rather than 10pm because now that is way past her 8pm bedtime) with the title “do you know where your children are.”  Immediately I thought about my childhood and was thrown back into the yester-years and remember the good ole days. It was just a thinking of you email but it totally made my day and made me stop and think of my family and what they mean to me.

Thanks mom for all that you do and all that you did in the early years.  i ❤ you mom.  ::hugs::

{my favorite picture of my mom and I taken by my BFF!}

Purple Day!

20 Oct

FS-P745.jpg image by melissadragonfly

today was wear purple day

to stop bullying

to remember those fallen kids

who took their lives because of being bullied

to stand up against homophobia

today I am wearing a purple cardigan & purple shoes


for all my middle school antics and bullying

I was stupid, I was young, I am very sorry.

I am wearing purple for you.

What’s next?

19 Oct

As others have been asking me this question I am on the quest to find out what is next for me as well.  I feel very motivated to keep on working out and feeling good about myself–but there is another part of me that wants to crawl up in my bed and just plain old rest.  After working on this running goal since November 5, 2009 it seems that I am at a place of in between.  What do you do after an iphone tells you what to do and then Hal Higdon tells you what to do?  Well what I am learning in these past couple days is that now I have to tell myself what to do.

 Some things I have learned about myself through this last year is:

  • Have a partner that is a exercising buddy is motivating and helpful.  We may not be on the same track of what we are doing for exercise, but just having someone there is EXTREMELY helpful
  • Having structure and someone/something telling me what I had to do and when to do is was very key to the training schedule
  • Having a race is also helpful in my exercising goal to make sure I stay on track and don’t fall off the wagon too far
  • I trained for 16-17 weeks and it was just a little too long.  I wanted something different and wasy ready to just get the race going about 2 weeks ago.  Even if I have to train for a longer time for a race–having 2 shorter training schedules rather than 1 longer one might help push me through the training.
  • I want to stay running as part of my exercise program, but not the entire thing. 
  • It felt awesome to cross something off my 101 to do list so I am going to shoot for another one!

So for the immediate future I am going to be running a local 5k with my running partner this weekend! WOOT WOOT! My legs are sore but I am going to try to beat my 5k PR of 33:00 minutes with a definate goal of getting under 35 minutes. 

For almost immediate future {as in next week}:

  • Starting p90X program
  • Training for a 10k with my running partner {working on speed}
  • Finish my Monday night kettleball classes that end in early November

Overall I feel ready to try something new and I learned a great deal on that run about how I need to increase my speed, increase my strength training, drink more water in my diet, participate in exercise classes to have some “fun” with being active.  Also, try to keep myself motivated in the winter months as I can tend to hibernate in those months.