Letting you in

5 Oct

So there were a couple favorite items on  my blog that I found out through this survey.  On one of the questions 100% of the survey responders gave the same answer. 

When asked what do you LOVE most about my blog?  The resounding answer was the PERSONAL STORIES.   I find this so flattering as I find that I can be somewhat boring and at times egotistical talking about myself all the time and I am always thinking who really wants to learn more about me {except for people who are forced to learn more about me, ahem my mom, BFF and husband}–but come to find out being me and sharing my personal stories is why people come back for more on this blog.

sometimes you need to see it to believe it.

It can really be scary to put your stories out there and the fear of being judged, or hurt, of even laughed can sometimes put a filter on the stories that I do share.  To be honest there are some drafts of stories in my account yet I never felt the confidence to push the publish button.  But something that I have learned with blogging is that there is someone else out there who feels the same way, done the same thing, or has felt the same way and it feels great to create those connections for people and myself.   My confidence has grown and with that confidence comes anexcitement to share more personal stories because at the end of the day I bet you totally want to hear about how eggrolls are not looked at the same in our household, or how my husband and I met, our experience of quitting both of our jobs and moving cross country, the time I said the word sex in the most inappropriate arena, and all the funny mistakes and stories that are surely to come in the near future.

So I am officially embracing personal stories and will more consistently share with my fellow readers…scouts honor.   

{oh this reminds me about another story of how I had to cut my hair after a girls scout campout because of an incident with toasted marshmellows + a giant hill}

a picture can also tell an amazing story all on its own. HAHA.


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