who really gets the last laugh?

5 Oct

Okay the one time I leave my Iphone is the moment I need it for a picture of a life time for my blog. Please don’t hate upon this post without a picture because this story must be shared.  

let me start from the beginning.

I was in a hurry because I was having some issues on duty but I really wanted to get to my first kettleball class on time since I had missed the first two.  Not wanting to be even more behind by arriving to the class late I sprinted across the street and into the gym.  As I leaped up the stairs two at a time I see my beloved treadmills and start to quickly pass them to the studio rooms. 

Until I was halted to a stop.

{build up needed for this story promise}

 I saw a 35+ woman on the treadmill with a classy t-shirt on (probably from the gap) and then a pair of mom jeans and I had to hold back the laughter as I just stared at her.  Does she even grasp how ridiculous she looks on the treadmill right now?  And they weren’t roomy lets go for a run kinda jeans.  They were the tapered with a little tightness in them but not too tight to be called skinny jeans on her.  I must have gasped when I turned the corner because it was a sight to be seen. 

So start to laugh and think poor woman no one told her about proper gym attire when I gaze over at her treadmill to see that she is running at the same speed that I run. 

who really gets the last laugh now as I put my head down in shame??!! 

if I ever was getting a big head gearing up for my long distance run this definately put me in my place.  I run as fast as woman in mom jeans and a cute t-shirt top. wow she makes running look easy No biggie just going to go out for a run in my jeans-be back soon.  probably better I didn’t get this picture to capture the humiliation!

(btw she was running at 6.1 speed on the treadmill in case anyon e cared}

Anyone else have some gym experiences they wanna share??


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