What’s next?

19 Oct

As others have been asking me this question I am on the quest to find out what is next for me as well.  I feel very motivated to keep on working out and feeling good about myself–but there is another part of me that wants to crawl up in my bed and just plain old rest.  After working on this running goal since November 5, 2009 it seems that I am at a place of in between.  What do you do after an iphone tells you what to do and then Hal Higdon tells you what to do?  Well what I am learning in these past couple days is that now I have to tell myself what to do.

 Some things I have learned about myself through this last year is:

  • Have a partner that is a exercising buddy is motivating and helpful.  We may not be on the same track of what we are doing for exercise, but just having someone there is EXTREMELY helpful
  • Having structure and someone/something telling me what I had to do and when to do is was very key to the training schedule
  • Having a race is also helpful in my exercising goal to make sure I stay on track and don’t fall off the wagon too far
  • I trained for 16-17 weeks and it was just a little too long.  I wanted something different and wasy ready to just get the race going about 2 weeks ago.  Even if I have to train for a longer time for a race–having 2 shorter training schedules rather than 1 longer one might help push me through the training.
  • I want to stay running as part of my exercise program, but not the entire thing. 
  • It felt awesome to cross something off my 101 to do list so I am going to shoot for another one!

So for the immediate future I am going to be running a local 5k with my running partner this weekend! WOOT WOOT! My legs are sore but I am going to try to beat my 5k PR of 33:00 minutes with a definate goal of getting under 35 minutes. 

For almost immediate future {as in next week}:

  • Starting p90X program
  • Training for a 10k with my running partner {working on speed}
  • Finish my Monday night kettleball classes that end in early November

Overall I feel ready to try something new and I learned a great deal on that run about how I need to increase my speed, increase my strength training, drink more water in my diet, participate in exercise classes to have some “fun” with being active.  Also, try to keep myself motivated in the winter months as I can tend to hibernate in those months.



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