1 Nov

I got a new name for myself this weekend.  Midway through “crafting day” with my neice my husband looks into the living room and said wow our house looks like a kid lives here after 2 hours.  I just laughed because as I looked around there was pom poms, scrapbooking paper, paper plates, glue, markers, googly eyes, and glitter letters.  I had to laugh at myself because it truly did look like a kid tornado had just hit our house in a matter of seconds.  Then my husband kissed my forehead and said my cute “M.I.T.”  Wait what?

Yup my husband called me this weekend a “Mother In Training” aka M.I.T.  Oh good one hubs, you got me this time.  Although it is also called being a crafty awesome Auntie {if I do say so myself!}.  Over about a 5 hour span we made 16 crafts and she would have kept on going if she didn’t fall asleep with crafting paper in her hand.  I think she wanted to keep making crafts until she couldn’t count them any longer. Girl after my own heart!

Here are a few pictures from the crafting day.  The day really inspired me to start getting more into crafting and taking some time to be creative.  Plus spending the day with my niece made me realize how young kids can make me feel young at heart.  There was a moment when my niece got caught up with my Iphone {as she always does} and I just kept on crafting away.    With little room in our apartment we have all of the craft items in boxes and stored away that do not make it easily accessible.  It almost is out of sight out of mind and crafting is thrown to the wayside.  I really hope that this inspiration stays with me and I use it to my advantage for the holiday season.  Homemade gifts anyone??  Doesn’t she make the cutest pumpkin?? (oh and the picture of all of us–that is her face when she says CHHEEEESEEEE!!! Doesn’t she look pained??? LOL.)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend!!!


One Response to “M.I.T.”

  1. Nicole November 1, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    I totally need a little niece, so that I can be a M.I.T. too!! 🙂 Or maybe I just want an excuse to do fun crafts. Ha, ha. I miss making paper snowflakes or cardboard leaves for Thanksgiving. Maybe I need to borrow some of my friends’ kids for the day too! 🙂 Looks like a blast!

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