Sucess & Pay it Forward

19 Nov

so today was a success in the fact that I made my first trip to pick up my first book I had requested through the online library system.  I was in and out of the library in 60 seconds with a book I am very excited to read and was smiling on the way out of the library.  this is a first. Plus I walked back from the library and had a nice crisp vigorous walk. bonus.  keep you posted on how The Privileges by Jonathan Dee is–heard it is a page turner.

Because I am feeling so successful right now I thought I would pay it forward to my lovely readers in the form of an awesome website called groupon that I recently learned about.  I may be the only one in the dark on this one as I had kinda heard about it awhile back, but didn’t really understand it.  Basically there is 1 new coupon every single day–for instance yesterday it was purchase a $25.00 GC to American Apparel and get a $50.00 GC {you save $25.00 buckaroos–which I totally snatched up!}.

What is the catch????

The catch is that enough people that day need to purchase the coupon in order for people to get the deal.  So say yesterday if only 10 people purchased the GC for American Apparel they would send you an email saying thanks for wanting this groupon but unfortunately we didn’t get enough people to purchase to make it happen.  No harm done as they take no money out of your account until they send you an email that says “Congrats enough people purchased for this great deal to occur! YIPPPEEE!!” {they may leave out the yipppee part. lol.}

You can also do it by the city nearest you and so you can get a groupon for resturants, spa services, stores, products.  You name it they have it.  There is only 1 coupon a day so you obviously need to check back each day–but it is totally worth it!!


Happy Weekend Everyone!!


One Response to “Sucess & Pay it Forward”

  1. Nicole November 22, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    I have never heard of that, but I totally need to check it out!!

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