Kate vs. Catherine

23 Nov

Okay one more post {TODAY} on this couple promise…

Dear {almost} Princess Kate,

Please do not try to go by your official name Catherine rather than your nickname Kate. It just reminds me of Katie Holmes trying to go by Kate Holmes to be more serious.  It also reminds me of that fleeting moment when I tried to go by my full name only to realize that it was too late and no one was going to catch on to my new full name.  It didn’t work for me, it didn’t work for Katie Holmes, I don’t think it will work fo you either.

You stated that you aren’t doing it for others and that Prince William didn’t ask you to make the change.  That is great to hear as you want to still be your own person even though your MIL is the QUEEN OF ENGLAND! I know you think it is going to be great for your image, but honestly it just feels stuffy and not fresh and chic feeling. 

It is too late Kate. You are known to the world now and they know you as Kate.  Perhaps 5 years ago when you were just starting to get a name for yourself in the media you could have done the change, but not now. I personally think it is a lost cause…Kate everyone knows you as Kate. Embrace it. A name isn’t going to make people take you seriously–it will be your actions and behavior that will do it. 

Plus it isn’t like your nickname was Pink or Kitty Kat and you now needed to be taken seriously-with your name you can be known as Kate the Great. Pretty awesome if you ask me.


A fan

P.S. I love your ring and what it stands for.


One Response to “Kate vs. Catherine”

  1. Nicole November 23, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    Love this!

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