Today is brought to you by the letter S

13 Dec

So we are onto another letter, which means we are one step closer for it being the holiday!! I can’t believe how quickly December is flying by and I truly hope it slows down for our vacation! Before I get into the S letter there were a couple other S gifts on my mind as I just watched Sister Act and want to watch Sister Act 2 again (fab movies for gifts).  But now onto a more serious gift….

This is something that is great to buy for a younger sibling, niece or nephew, godchild, and any other individual you want to help save for a rainy day in the future.  It isn’t the sexiest gift and it isn’t a flashy toy–but something they will truly be thanking you when they need to cash out their savings bonds.  It isn’t immediate like cash or a gift card is, but it could help them with their future {buying a house, opening a business, help pay for college}.  I didn’t know too much about savings bond, but this website  and this website helped me out quite a bit and I would recommend looking over the FAQ section prior to purchasing.  It is a conservative investment that is free of all state and local income taxes and so you don’t have to worry about losing money when you invest in a savings bond–but it also adds interest every 6 months and so your money {or actually their money} grows! {Now savings bonds don’t grow forever and so at some point it makes sense to actually use them–there are calculators to see how much the savings bond is worth and if it is still accruing interest. }  I haven’t given this as a gift yet–but it is something that has crossed my mind a couple times when searching for a gift for a younger loved one.


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