Today is brought to you by the letter V

16 Dec

This gift is with my husband in mind.  One of the things that my husband talks about at least once a month (normally when he is tasked to do some cleaning) he always states that he needs this item.  It is a must (according to my husband) when we move into a place that is a bit bigger and has a little bit more storage place.  Now I have done some research and have heard personal accounts that this piece of equipment is truly the best of the best and totally worth the pretty penny it is worth.  So in honor of my husband and anyone out there who finds it relaxing and enjoyable to vaccum this gift is for you…

The Dyson Vaccum!!! No joke he talks about this like he talks about cars (and he talks about cars ALOT!).  So I am not one to give someone a household item that is used for cleaning as a gift but I think many would agree that they would squeel if this shiny yellow object was under their tree (me on the other hand I love to swiffer and we have 2 to prove it).  It definately is pricey but it is a great investment and will be used for many years to come.  I would probably equate this piece of machinery to my {pink} KitchenAid Mixer–pricey but worth every penny.  So if you are feeeling extra generous this holiday season then this surely would be a show stopper for any household!


2 Responses to “Today is brought to you by the letter V”

  1. Nicole December 17, 2010 at 6:51 am #

    What is it with guys and appliances? EVERY time we go to Sears, Walmart, or Lowes, my husband HAS to check out the vaccums. He’s obsessed. Lol


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