**Snow Day**

17 Dec


So there are already whispers about a snow day happening on Monday and this time of year always reminds me of how past **snow days** have gone…

lets take a stroll down memory lane…

circa 2007

My first snow day as a professional my boss told me that the institution that I worked at never ever ever gave snow days off so don’t even bother checking.  She didn’t give me the number or the online website because it would just get my hopes up.  Then in a really bad ice storm I treked to work to get there and see no one was in the office..”hmmm maybe a delay?? Dammit I could have slept in!” only to find out 30 minutes later no one was showing up because it was a SNOW DAY!!! so much for never ever ever happening…

circa 2008

I was on duty the night before and so it was my job at 5am when I got the call that there would be no school to put up signs in each and every building out in the snow storm letting students know classes were canceled. So much for sleeping in and staying warm on a snow day. We never had another snow day for me to enjoy sleeping in and watching the snow from indoors that year.

circa 2009

no snow days as I can remember and if so no fun story

circa 2010 aka right now as we speak…

We are in the midst of finals and closing is suppose to by this upcoming Tuesday.  This means that every student will be out of the buildings and when we can really taste the holidays here as the end of the semester will be officially over.  Yes we will have some spreadsheets to fill out, reports to file, but in the end those things don’t matter because the end of semester has finally arrived. 

sooo what does a snowday mean for us on Monday?  A shortened yet longer work week if that is even possible.  Closing get postponed until Wednesday and so it is one more day of students being here and the semester just drags on.  But we then will have both Monday and Friday off this week and so will only have to get through 3 days of a work week.  Also my end of the semester evaluation is on Monday so it always feels nice to get that out of the way to enjoy the holidays and that wouldn’t happen until Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  So kinda of a lose-lose situation.  We don’t have a snow day we lose out on having 3 day weekend.  We do have a snow day and we extend the semester and prolong the semester from ending. 

Of course once again a snafu in having a snow day {if we have one at all}. 

Anyone else get snow days from work? Love em’? Hate em’??


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