Calendar Craft!

20 Dec

So for anyone with a house or just love to look at DIY projects Young House Love is an awesome blog to browse.  It has become one of my favorite reads even though we do not have a house and can’t do many of these DIY projects they speak of. 

Last week I saw a brilliant DIY calendar that I had to make for our sweet little apartment.  We have never hung up a calendar, but with our busy schedules and always looking for a calendar during the year I figured it was time we were grown ups and hung up a calendar. 

Items you need to duplicate project:

1. C ardstock

2. Color Printer

3. Computer with Photoshop

4. Scissors/Cutting utensil

5. Hole Puncher

Also you need to download this FREE font but not a necessity as you can use any font on your computer already to make the calendar.  I loved the font and that it was free so I downloaded it on my computer.

Now I didn’t make my calendar available accessible through photoshop only because YHL did it for me already on their site–this link (if my link on this post doesn’t work their link does on their post–promise).  It will open up in photoshop and within photoshop you can change everything about the calendars to fit your family. 

here is a preview of how mine came out…

This was a pretty easy project to do especially since the template for all the months were already at my fingertips.  The hardest part honestly was figuring out what I wanted to put for each month to represent the number on the calendar.  I also found it difficult at times for us a couple that meant the same number–but overall I am really pleased (as is the husbs) at the variety I chose from in the memory department. 

Wanna know what the other months stated?

Feb: Family of TWO

April: FOUR bridesmaids & groomsmen

June: SIX apartments lived in together

August: EIGHT moves together

October: 10 states visted on our California trip

December: 12 different jobs to date

I had so much fun making this project over the weekend and it is hung up already in our house ready for January 2011 to get here!! I hope this becomes a tradition of making a personalized calendar that we can enjoy all year round. 

{also a great gift to give someone you love on the cheap!!–I had all the supplies already so this project costed me ZERO dollars!!}


One Response to “Calendar Craft!”

  1. Nicole December 21, 2010 at 7:19 am #

    Wow, I LOVE that!!!

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