a tiny itsy bitsy pet peeve

21 Dec



now I am definately in the Christmas spirit so this tiny itsy bitsy pet peeve isn’t getting me out of the Christmas spirit but since it is fresh in my mind I wanted to see if I am the only one out there with this pet peeve!

So over my lunch break I got my nails did for the Christmas holiday and for our upcoming vacation.  Now I am a gal that never ever ever carries cash around with me.  When I have cash in hand I start to shake and immediately end up spending it on the nearest store {normally dunks}.  So as always I ask, “do you take credit/debit cards”

and most likely than not they say “yes come on in” and on the rare occasion they say no I have to leave because I never had cash on me and making a trip to the ATM seems dumb, plus there are 50 million nail salons in my area so really no biggie. 

So here is my pet peeve.  You go to pay and put the tip on your card and THEY DO NOT ALLOW TIPS ON CARDS!!!

and it is becoming more and more of a trend.

and I hate it with a passion {aka tiny itsy bitsy pet peeve}

When I asked if you take credit/debit card that usually means “hey store this is all I got so take it or leave it” and so they bamboozle me by getting my nails almost all done and then go to pay and slam me with “oh we only take cash tips”


So normally what happens is I ask where the nearest ATM machine is and then go scramble to take out 20 buckaroos {because no ATMs give out 10 bucks anymore} and then hand the person a 2-5 dollar tip depending on service and then I am left with cash in hand that I didn’t want/need and at times a stupid service fee charge for using a different ATM.


To me that is fine if you want your tips in cash but make it a CASH ONLY nail salon.  If you can take my money through card for the service you surely should be able to take it for tip as well. 

So of course today I was in a different area of town and went into a place I normally don’t get my nails done at and of course at the end of it all they said “only cash tips.” With our impending vacation and shopping trips for Christmas season i didn’t want to take out an unnecessary 20 bucks that I would just spend friviously and I thought for a second of not giving a tip {but seriously how scrooge is THAT!} and while thinking I remembered I needed to go to my bank to get a certain amount out for a gift and so I could attach a few bucks to that withdrawl at the bank.  And so I got in my car and drove to the bank and took out two dollars and returned back to the nail salon to hand over a tip. 


So what do other feel about this trend of going to “cash for tips only”  trend?? {not only in nail salons but I had it happen to me when getting my hair done as well}


3 Responses to “a tiny itsy bitsy pet peeve”

  1. theclambroll December 21, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    Call me a grinch, but when that happens, I just don’t tip. That’s what they get for not joining the 21st century! And there is no way I am going to the nearest ATM (which is no doubt NOT my bank), taking out a 20 and then also having to pay $5 in surcharges for a non-network ATM. Hellz no. No soup for you!

  2. Nicole December 21, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    That totally happened to me two nights ago when I had my hair cut at JCPenny!! Ugh! The hairdresser got all snobby and acted like I had done it on purpose and was like, “Don’t worry about the tip” as though I was too cheap to give her one. But I just didn’t have cash and I had taken it for granted that I could leave a tip on the credit card.

  3. love1025 December 22, 2010 at 12:20 am #

    I am glad this isn’t me and I totally should never go to the ATM to take 20 dollars out plus any fees if they don’t take cash!! And seriously JCPenny’s doesn’t take credit card for tips—they should def be in the 21st century!! I hate this cash only for tip thing–be grateful for a tip even if it will be taxed on if we use a card!

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