Today is brought to you by the letter X

21 Dec

::this never posted yesterday and so you get two letters today!::

EKKK!!! Christmas week is upon us and I can really feel the holiday spirit!!! Also, with my rootcanal wayyyy behind me I am really feeling this amazing time of the year! Also during the holiday months I have had a really good friend have a baby, my biff found out she is pregnant and a good friend got engaged!! Season of love and new family beginningswas the theme for 2010 for sure…

So as it is your last week everyone (including me as I bought my husband something he already has and so I need to go out and swap for a gift tomorrow) to get your last minute gifts!!!  As we come closer to the holiday season we come towards the end of the gift giving by letter guide. 

So to start off the week with letter x…

the husband and I actually got each other a joint gift which never happens and it starts with an X!

XBOX (with Kinect)!!! We truly got this gift as we went to a friends house to play this and we were hooked after 5 minutes.   We really loved the Kinect but we needed to buy the Xbox as well.  We were very tempted because we were coming closer to Christmas and we just bought a huge TV but then we played it again and it was just too tempting.  We decided we would both use this and would only exchange stocking stuffers this year and let me tell you it will be all worth it! We are definately still hooked! We both got 2 games each for it and one of them is the Biggest Loser game where I can work out with a trainer and they tell me if my arm is to low, I need to push harder, squat deeper–it is a great workout.  I also have Dance Central which is freaking AWESOME for anyone who thinks they can dance or likes to bust a move (all we played on Thanksgiving).  We have also used Xbox Live and watched UConn games that weren’t on TV on our Xbox and Netflix was offering 1 month free and so we could stream videos onto our XBOX and directly onto the TV.  It is DA BOMB. (although I will say that the instant streaming videos could be more up to date and more variety).  I would 100% recommend this gift if you like to entertain in your home, like to be active with your games, love the Wii, a man lives in your house that loves video games, and of course if you have netflix a great idea!


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