Today is brought to you by the letter Y

21 Dec

So we are coming to the end of this gift giving guide and I really loved thinking of gifts all season long.  It gave me inspiration for my own gifts and hopefully got the wheels turning for you in the gift department too.

The letter Y was tricky because I could say yo-yo, yahtzee, or yarn but i wasn’t really feeling any of those gifts as the one for letter Y.  So there is going to be a slight fudge in the letter Y gift department and can be easily done still with 3 days left before Christmas…

YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTION to a magazine!!! Now I know that the internet has so much information that you don’t truly need to subscribe to the magazine to get the information, but there is something about flipping through a magazine while drinking your favorite beverage. (kinda like flipping pages of a book which is why I have no desire to buy a nook yet) .  To me it is so peaceful and just completely “me” time.  You would be giving the gift of some me time to someone each and every month-which I think is truly priceless.  The magazines above are some of the ones that I would want to have as a year long subscription and would have at my bed side.  There are always great deals on getting a subscription so this could really be about a  $10-15 dollar gift depending on the magazine you choose to give them.  The best part is you can buy the magazine that is out on stands and wrap it with a note stating more to hit your doorstep soon.  Plus it is a little unique as for all the magazines I purchase and scour when I am at the bookstore or grocery store I have only recieved this gift one (and by special request).  So be the first to give the gift that keeps on giving!!


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