Holiday Traditions

23 Dec

One of the holiday traditions that I have been looking forward to was actually introduced through my in-laws.  We would get together on a weekend and cut down a tree and dry it out and then decorate it the next day with Christmas music, cookie making, and other holiday items to have the magic of Christmas all around us.

This year was no different except when you have a small child involved in the activities everything becomes a little bit better. a little bit more joyous. a little bit more funner. {yes I said funner}

So when my niece had chocolate all over her face rather than in the mixing bowl for cookie making we all laughed.  When she wanted to put 100+ bulbs only on the bottom half of the tree because that is only where she could reach we laughed harder.  When she sang the same verse of the same song over and over the entire day it didn’t matter what music was really on we just wanted to hear her sing and laugh even harder.  It was a day full of laughter and joy and fun and something I look forward to each and every year.



This year we had a new tradition arrive in small packages for us ladies–Christmas aprons from my mother in law!! And so it is a terrible picture but I wanted to show everyone our Christmas aprons in the bottom picture. {mine said kiss the cook with mistletoe all around it–super fun with the hubs around!}

Speaking of mistletoe my in-laws put up two points in the house where there is mistletoe and every so often my niece will make her way to the mistletoe and stand there until someone kisses her {sometimes its awhile since we forget it is hanging!} but we normally get the picture and give her lots of kisses and then she runs to the next mistletoe and does the same exact thing.  She is so freaking cute I can’t stand it! HAHA!

I hope everyone will enjoy traditions with family and friends this holiday season and maybe bring in a new tradition to your family holiday festivities!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!




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