Photography App

4 Jan

Do you love twitter?

Do you love taking random pictures?

Do you have an iphone/itouch?

If you answered yes to these questions then THIS is the App for you: Instagram!

I am truly in love with this application!

check out this website for more information but basically you set up an account and start to capture photos on your iphone or itouch and then you can filter your photos through multiple filters and then share your photos! (oh and even better–it is a FREE app!) If you have tumblr as your blogging site–even better as you can share your photos instantly with your site! You can share on facebook and twitter and other social networking sites! You can follow people (like on twitter) or different types of photography (nature, people, abstract, etc) and as someone who loves pictures and loves even more random day to day pictures this is an awesome find! I hope more of my friends join as I want to follow them through pictures rather than words! You can also comment on people’s pictures (just as you can comment on people’s tweets and statuses). 

I love love love it! Anyone else part of instagram? Other apps you have found to be awesome?


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